Which Starbucks beverage are you?

Many people love their daily coffee, especially the Starbucks variety. From frappuchinos to lattes to exotic brews the choices are endless. And sometimes can be overwhelming.

What type of beverage would be perfect for you? What beverage are you? Which closest resembles your personality? Want to find the ideal way to begin your morning? Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: amazon
  1. Which thought goes through your head upon waking in the morning?
  2. Where do you tend to buy your clothes?
  3. What kind of music do you like?
  4. Which of these would you watch on TV?
  5. Where do you grocery shop?
  6. When you have extra money you..
  7. It's lunch hour at work, where can you be found?
  8. If you had a choice between these beverages, which would you pick?
  9. What is your favorite hobby?
  10. What type of shoes are you likely to buy?

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Quiz topic: Which Starbucks beverage am I?