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  • non fat latteI this was a really good and fun quiz! I love starbucks and their smoothies or tea!

    kim1499 Sep 10 '13, 8:43PM
  • frappucino! perfect.

    LaLaLa Feb 4 '11, 5:06PM
  • yay frappachino thats sooo me!!!! especially the shopping, warm weather and beach comment!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! woohoo!!! great quiz!!! :o)

    beachgal708 Jan 14 '09, 11:24AM
  • NO Fat Latte
    Good Quiz =)

    Toni Jan 13 '09, 10:34PM
  • I am a non fat latte but who likes those i dont like them that much...

    MaddieSaysHi Jan 13 '09, 4:19PM
  • what exactly is frappichino? b sure 2 take my quiz what mardi gras krewe would you be in

    baglady Jan 12 '09, 8:32PM
  • I luv this quiz cuz it telz u wat u wanna hear- atleast wen u get "Non Fat Latte"- and the popular part is definetly tru, i mean how many boyz do u hav 2 hav followin u round evrywer? & y do they all hav 2 b guyz i dont like?

    Chewy_Frog Jan 12 '09, 4:21PM
  • non fat latte

    live_yerr_life Jan 11 '09, 6:28PM
  • Your Result: non fat latte

    Non fat latte drinkers tend to be trendy and popular. They value their health and appearance. They may enjoy vacations, name brand clothes, and exercising.

    sw eet!! good quiz!

    bballxloverxo Jan 7 '09, 10:43PM
  • frappachino! o ya!

    purpleluva Jan 7 '09, 10:26PM
  • im a frappatino... cool

    lolbomb101 Jan 7 '09, 9:36PM

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