What exotic dragon breed are you best with

My quiz will find out what exotic or rare dragon breed is most like you. Just to warn you my quiz is very long and the questions might be boring. I like the longer quizzes so this is fine for me.

Do YOU have what it takes to endure my endless questions? If you do then you will be pleased with the results. There are four exotic dragons... The shadow, the light, the ice, and the fire. What are you, most like?

Created by: Kyla

  1. (sorry) what is your favorite color
  2. How do you spend Sunday afternoons?
  3. If you picked 3 on the last question why did you do it
  4. You are a dragoness ready to lay your eggs. Where do you have them? Sorry if you are a dude!
  5. What is your favorite movie
  6. What is your favorite animal
  7. How many friends do you have
  8. What symbol = you
  9. What game station do you prefer
  10. If you were a dragon how would you get around
  11. You are a male dragon looking for a mate which one do you prefer? Sorry if you're a woman!
  12. Is my quiz boring you so far because there is a lot more to go (does not effect score)
  13. What is your favorite soft drink
  14. What is your element
  15. Do you even like dragons
  16. What weapon would you use in a battle
  17. 10 more questions including this one
  18. What would you breath if you were a dragon
  19. If you could have one of the following animals below which would you prefer
  20. You are a dragoness searching for your stolen egg. You find the thief, what now
  21. If you were a dragon what would you hoard
  22. Do you have a popular name?
  23. What do you feel Friday afternoon
  24. 5 more questions!
  25. What would you name a cat that was small and black
  26. What is your favorite season
  27. If you could have a super power what would it be
  28. Are you curious about the result

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Quiz topic: What exotic dragon breed am I best with