What's your Starbucks drink?

Starbucks is the best place ever made. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty much addicted. There are possibly 50 different drinks at Starbucks, each drink in different categories. There's just the plain coffee, the drinks that have a taste of coffee with an amazing flavor added, and there's the drinks that have no coffee in them. But did you notice that each categories have characteristics of a person?

I know you probably think I'm a little crazy, thinking that every category of drinks resembles a person...? But if you want to figure out what the heck i'm talking about, you should take this quiz and see which one YOU are.

Created by: Stephanie
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  1. What most describes you?
  2. Which style are you most likely to wear to school on a daily basis?
  3. One of your friends has an idea to crash someones party that you guys all hate. You still don't like the idea. What do you do?
  4. What colors do you like the most?
  5. What do you usually do on a Saturday night?
  6. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
  7. Your teacher puts you in a group for a project you have to work on. She then picks you to be the leader of the group. How do you feel about it?
  8. What type of songs do you like the most?
  9. One day your parents just decide you're moving. So it's lunch time at your new school and you have no one to sit with. What do you do?
  10. Your friend just broke up with her boyfriend and she calls you while she's crying so hard she can barely talk. What do you do?

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Quiz topic: What's my Starbucks drink?