you are what you drink.

there are many people in this world who drink things that they would love to be like =]] some people like high sugary soft drinks and others like smooth vitamins...which are you.

what drink are YOU!!!? well take this quiz and there you have it..... what drink you are in under five minutes.that is cool like bananas.and dont forget to run with the little guy and create some change.

Created by: autumn of
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  1. you are hiking and decide to get a nice cool ____ out of your backpack.
  2. which would you take for a jog.
  3. you are tired from you birthday last night .. you decide to get a _____ to make you feel better.
  4. you like _____ kind of flavors.
  5. you shoot for _____ drinks.
  6. when you pass coke machines you always get_____.
  7. in the where do you find your beverage.
  8. what did you drink during this quiz.
  9. what do you want to try.
  10. which do you crave.

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