Are you a Mountain Dew junkie?

Are you a Mountain dew junkie? Do you worship the drink as your GOD? Take this test and find out if you too have wasted your life on this awesome drink!

If you are a MDJ, good on you! That stuff tastes friggin AWESOME! If you're not, well, good choice because it's not the healthiest drink in the world... O_o

Created by: Wyah
  1. You go to a store one day to get a drink. What is it?
  2. You want to stay up late tonight and you need a caffiene fix. Your choice giver of caffiene is...?
  3. You want something yummy to drink. What is it?
  4. What is Pi?
  5. If a hamster and a cat are running south and paralell to each other at varying speeds and one turns 10 degrees north, which one will be eaten?
  6. A doctor tells you that you need to stop drinking soda because it will make you turn inside out. What do you do?
  7. You're walking along, and out of nowhere a NINJA comes out of the shade and throws a bottle of soda at you. It's nondescript, but tastes good. What is it?
  8. What was that one alcoholic drink they mixed with soda? Which Soda did they use again??
  9. So...
  10. And finally, what do you liek more?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Mountain Dew junkie?