Are you a Finding Nemo expert?

Finding Nemo has grabbed Oscars, promoted family life, and made laughs. All of this to the great enjoyment of Finding Nemo junkies. What is a junkie? A junkie knows the ins and outs of the movie. A junkie not only knows the movie, but knows who voiced who. A junkie knows everything about the movie, not just the funny moments. A junkie loves the movie no matter what anyone else says. Are YOU a FINDING NEMO JUNKIE?

Are YOU a FINDING NEMO JUNKIE? Do you know the ins and outs of the movie? Do you know who is who? Until now, it was a mystery. Click now, and discover your real knowledge of FINDING NEMO!

Created by: Dory

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  1. What is Nemo's mother's name?
  2. Who is H2O intolerant?
  3. How does Nemo escape from the dentist's office?
  4. Fill in the blank: P. _________, ____ ________ Way, Sydney
  5. Why was it best to go through the crack in the rock, and not over?
  6. Who was the voice of Marlin?
  7. What month, day, and year did Finding Nemo premiere in theaters throughout the United States?
  8. Dory suffers from what?
  9. Marlin and Dory encounter a whale in open ocean. What happens?
  10. Nemo touched the "butt." What is the "butt?"

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Quiz topic: Am I a Finding Nemo expert?