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  • 87%. Have not watched this movie in years.

    Hiccstrid Jun 25 '15, 1:06AM
  • BTW Nemo didn't get flushed down a toilet he went down a sinks drain pipe so I had to pick the closest one so that question didn't have the right answer

    Ryley Apr 6 '15, 2:21PM
  • Oompa Loompa? God damnit

    dasdd Aug 6 '12, 5:52PM
  • It says I'm a junkie!!! It's probably true, I've seen it sooooooo many times

    lolastar444 Jul 16 '12, 12:09AM
  • Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, what do we do, we swim.

    lolastar444 Jul 16 '12, 12:08AM
  • oompa loompa here

    Cheyenne B May 13 '12, 11:33AM
  • Junkie

    piscean1 May 12 '10, 12:32AM
  • im an oompa loompa is that good the saying of OOMPA LOOMPA i think im not

    xray111 Apr 10 '10, 6:28PM
  • Actually your quiz was wrong because On May 17th Finding Nemo had its World Premiere at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, California. So looks like you dont know your Disney movies.

    lovshgsnkisss Sep 25 '09, 10:26PM
  • i'm a junkie, but i'm not a huge expert. i just have good memory about the movie.

    Ansa89 May 2 '09, 4:34PM
  • I <3 NEMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

    lexxah Jun 29 '08, 10:20AM
  • huh???

    mitsuki1023 Jun 16 '08, 8:39AM
  • is it good 2 be an oompa loompa?????

    EvilGenius311 Apr 9 '08, 6:44AM
  • is oompa loompa good??

    noosh Jan 10 '08, 9:18PM
  • im a junkie

    sgb girl Nov 5 '07, 5:50PM
  • im an oompa loompa

    airmastr Nov 1 '07, 9:13PM

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