invertebrate quiz

Hopefully, you have just finished reading the invertebrates section on my site. You need to make a 70% or higher on this quiz to move on to the next category.

Are you a mega Bivalve-brain? Know everyting about jellies? Have you watched finding nemo 2,000 times? Are cephalopods your "homies"? PROVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Alex

  1. The most abundant creatures in the ocean are:
  2. Sponges direct water flow via the use of:
  3. The sessile life stage of a jellyfish is:
  4. The stinging cells of many cnidarians are called:
  5. Corals get much of their nutrients from:
  6. Most flatworms are:
  7. Almost all mollusks posess a:
  8. Snails have a ____ tongue.
  9. More than _____ of bivalves inhabit saltwater.
  10. Cephalopods move about via:
  11. Sea stars move about using:
  12. The calcareous skeleton of a sea urchin is called a:
  13. A crab generally has ___ legs.

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