Are You The Film Junkie?

I am the film junkie. I have seen many, many, many films and have the knowledge within me that those films provide. I have attended school for this and I am a nerd about it. Now is your turn to see if you two are a film junkie.

Have you seen hundreds upon hundreds of films? Can you actually speak along with your favorite movies? ARE YOU THE FILM JUNKIE? Test your knowledge with this small, fun quiz about the films I love to see if you can indeed compete for the title. And please don't cheat!

Created by: Jessica

  1. How many Oscars did Judy Garland win in her lifetime?
  2. Who played Longfellow Deeds in the original movie version of 'Mr. Deeds Goes To Town'?
  3. What, in the film junkie's opinion, was the best film of 2006?
  4. "I have always depended on the kindness of strangers" What movie is this quote from?
  5. Which film did Ang Lee NOT direct?
  6. What actor famously tried to give his Golden Globe award to Jack Lemmon a few years ago?
  7. What film did the American Film Institute name the best American film of all time?
  8. What actress has the record for the most Academy Award nominations?
  9. What was the name of Tim Robbins' character in 'The Shawshank Redemption'?
  10. What actress was the original 'America's Sweetheart', despite not being an American?
  11. What actress played the two Queen Elizabeths this year?
  12. What actress has the same name as William Shakespeare's wife?

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