Okay it's go time this is a twelve question test and you need to find out if your ready for Stunt Junkie status or if you need to go home. It's time to prove yourself in this 2 minute quiz. There are four questions each, and four possible out comes. Good Luck.

Whats a stunt junkie,? It's someone who is willing to put themselves on the line to bring fame, fortune, or just a pure adrenaline rush to themselves. In a few minutes you could find out if you have what it takes. Please answer honestly.

Created by: Matt

  1. Have you done a dangerous stunt before?
  2. If you do a big stunt would you need to recieve a some money or a prize to do it.
  3. Ever wanted to et a Stunt World- Record.
  4. If Any Stunt what would it be?
  5. Have you ever broken a boe doing a stunt?
  6. When you were in school, did you ever think about stunts?
  7. Why would you do a risky stunt?
  8. For a stunt what would be your vehicle of item of choice?
  9. How would you end a stunt?
  10. How would you prepare a stunt?

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Quiz topic: Am I a STUNT JUNKIE