How much Tupac is in you

do u know tupac? doesn't matter what i say here cuz no one reads this stuff so i'm gonna say that i love football and basketball and baseball and hockey's alright and soccer sucks and nascar isn't even a sport and boxing is good and that wrestling is fake and swimming and olympic sports are really really cool.

so i'm bored. how about you? yes it is the day after Thanksgiving and right now i'm about to drink water so it doesn't matter what i do or what you do because i'm about to drink water so the world will be with one less cup of water. i am rambling and about to drink water. bye.

Created by: jake
  1. Where did u grow up
  2. every been in trouble with the law?
  3. what's ur opinion on the government?
  4. what was ur family situation
  5. what are u most likely to do on a friday night...
  6. thug life?
  7. ur attitude is...
  8. your attitude is... (part 2)
  9. What's up?
  10. last question- what did u think of this quiz?

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