What Sport Are You ?

What Sport Are You ? Take this quiz to find out what sport you are. Answer the questions honestly to be correctly paired with your sport, or don't answer the questions honestly to be incorrectly paired with a sport.

Results will be from one of the following eight sports. Boxing, Soccer, Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Football, Golf. Results are carefully selected based on your answers and assumed to be accurate

Created by: Nick
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you enjoy violence ?
  2. Have you ever been arrested for anything ?
  3. What school activity did you compete in ?
  4. Describe your physical appearance
  5. Do you drink or do drugs ?
  6. Which of your body parts do you feel most comfortable using ?
  7. Describe your financial status
  8. What kind of weather do you enjoy most of all ?
  9. If you're at a bar and a brawl breaks out, what are you most likely going to do ?
  10. Which of these exercises do you do most often ?

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Quiz topic: What Sport am I ?