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Trampolining is a skill and a very precise sport that takes a lot of effort and determination so thing carefully when taking this quiz . And always tell the truth because some questions require the truth to get the points.

Trampolining. Easy right? YOU'RE WRONG. Trampolining is a hard sport to master with a high risk of injury so not for wimps of sissies. It's not a chance to be social because Its so dangerous . But don't be fooled it's still perfectly safe when done correctly. But only when done correctly so listen to your coach always.

Created by: Olivia

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  1. What types of moves are you doing
  2. How long have you been Trampolining
  3. How many days a week do you train
  4. What do you get out of Trampolining
  5. If your coach gives you advice do you...
  6. You're trampolining buddie does a move incorrectly and your coach gives her advice do you ...
  7. How much effort do you put into your routes
  8. Which one are you
  9. If your friend asked you what the best thing about Trampolining is what wild you say
  10. What do you wear for Trampolining

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