How determined are you?

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Determination. Noun: 1.Firmness of purpose; resoluteness. Determination takes courage and guts- and a made up mind. Want to find out how determined you are?

Just how determined are you, then? Do you have the guts and the backbone to stand up for what you believe in? Or do you need to put some effort into that? Find out now- but you can decide what it means.

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  1. Your alarm goes off in the morning. You:
  2. You look at the clock and realize you have only 15 minutes to get ready to leave for school and make it on time. You:
  3. You get to school with just enough time to get to your locker and get prepared for the day. While you're at your locker, your friend comes up to you, wanting to tell you about something that happened over the weekend that they're confused about. You:
  4. In Chemistry, you realize you forgot to do your homework, and the teacher is coming around to check it now. You:
  5. During lunch, you see a person sitting all alone. They're the opposite gender as you, and you don't want it to seem as if it's a crush, so you ask a friend to come with you. Your friend isn't too eager, so you:
  6. A new person is sitting at your lunch table who you didn't know before. They don't seem to know anything about respect or personal space, and keep touching you with their pens, hands, elbows, anything. And they happen to be of the opposite gender. So you:
  7. well, the person didn't stop bothering you at the table. So, you:
  8. Pick the word that most describes you.
  9. You see a car run into a person, then speed away. You:
  10. A person you don't know is going to be killed or tortured. you:

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