I have some questions!!!!

I have decided to write a new series. It will be called Butterfly. But I need names for the three main characters. I might use some names submitted for other purposes if i need to, though.

The deadline has not been determined, so i will announce the winner whenever i feel like it. Thank you for taking time to take this quiz. .... ... ...

Created by: pielover511
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  1. Okay so i got the best idea ever for a story. Problem is that i need three names for the main characters. Two girls and a guy. So i've decided to have a character contest.
  2. I'm gonna describe the character's personalities. The characters will be referred to as 1, 2, an 3.
  3. Character 1:(Female) Shy and more mature than most girls her age, which is 17. Uptight around all guys,except her best friend, who is not named yet.
  4. Character 2:(Female) Character 1's twin sister. More outgoing and flirty. Less mature than her twin.
  5. Character 3:(male) Awkward, geeky, kinda shy.
  6. I will announce the winner whenever i feel like it.
  7. Be sure to check out the series when it comes out!!!! It's called Butterfly.
  8. Comment!!!
  9. Rate!!!
  10. Bye!!!

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