Whatchu Know About Dat?

My family and friends are either going to laugh, or be so stuck on these questions they'll want to Go Go Gadget smack me!! Have fun and good luck!! P.S. No matter what your score is I still love you!

Are you ready to see if you can answer these questions? Take your time because some questions are from things I've said, and other questions are things you've seen! Thanks for taking the quiz and when you're done you should make one to stump me!

Created by: hev
  1. I'm not really good at...
  2. My Scorpion tat reps me, but what does my Libra tat rep?
  3. Which one of these exercises do I hate?
  4. I gave my car a nickname, what is it?
  5. What kind of watch do I have?
  6. Which is my favorite?
  7. What show do I always say I'll be on?
  8. What number involves everything about me and my relationship?
  9. My son is in high school
  10. My tongue is pierced
  11. My man LOVES to throw the kids b-day parties. What kind of party did my daughter have for her 12th b-day last summer?

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