Grammar Quiz!!!!!!!

Start this simple and fun test with 10 questions. Take it with your friends and family! If you get a low score, you can do better next time! Everyone is a genius!

No perfect, but God. Everyone has flaw. So it doesn't matter you get A 0 or 100. You are smart. Use your prior knowledge. Try your best! You gonna do good.

Created by: Geekygurk
  1. Is bear foot is okay? Do I need a pear of shoes
  2. Do you like this test so far?
  3. What the difference with clause and cat?
  4. Do you think you doing good on the test?
  5. Okay let eat my friend.
  6. Do mistakes make you blushz.
  7. A hacker said he will steal your keyboard.
  8. Which is correct?
  9. Choose the correct one!
  10. Last question. Are you a grammar gangsta or stupid speller

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