Are you an Expert at Grammar? - Grammar Test

There are many smart people, but only some people who are extraordinary at grammar! People like that have really gifted and delicate minds, almost as delicate as Albert Einstein!

Are you extraordinary at Grammar? Or are you "okay" or "not so good" at Grammar? Until now you could only wonder. Would you like to find out? Of course, why else would you click on this test?

Created by: Br0wnies
  1. The following questions below are sentences. You are to fill in the correct spelling/sounding word in the blank. (what I have just told you does not effect your score.)
  2. ___ so rainy outside today!
  3. Where is ___ raincoat? I thought it was over ___!
  4. I took so many pictures of the ___ in the forest! It was so cool! But mom could not ___ it, so she went in the car.
  5. I am ___ going to the party this weekend.
  6. ___ not looking to well. Are you sick? You also vomited on your pillow. That's okay, we'll wash it.
  7. ___ partying too hard. ___ is a whole lot of vomit and alcohol everywhere. ___ willing to help me clean it up, right?
  8. (bare with this one sounds a little stupid) The ___ ___ could not ___ to be ___.
  9. What do you think your score will be? (does not effect score)
  10. Thanks for taking the test! (does not effect score)

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