Your life as a wolf pt. 3

This is a third in my series! Take the first ones before you take this one! I refer to Smoketail as a 'he' but boys are welcome to this quiz. Just replace the he with a her. I would just be confusing if I had to put him/her all the time! For those who get Thorns results, I accidentally put 'really' in stead of 'rarely' so replace the really with rarely!

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions! I am sorry for the bad spelling and grammar of the previous two, I'm really quite good at spelling and grammar, but I type really fats so I make mistakes a lot and then forget to double-check! Thanks for the suggestions, but I'm not going for a love story so there won't be any more guys, sorry!

Created by: EclipseShadow

  1. The brown wolf lunges at you, teeth snapping. You dodge and avoid his attacks, but you were caught off guard. Him and the other two wolves quickly overcome you, despite the fact that you fought fiercely. They push you to the ground and use their bodies to keep you there. A large tan wolf stalks up to you, the rest of the pack watching curiously.
  2. "Who are you?" The wolf demands. You glower at him and stand your ground. He slowly walks forward and glares at you, then, quick as a snake, jumps forward and nips you on the side. Hard. You wince but make no sound. He laughs. "You are a Forest spy, aren't you? Well, you will find that we are not as kind as those weaklings. Either you give us information willingly, or we force it out. And then you stay with us. You aren't going to be sent back to your pack, sorry." He grins, yellow teeth gleaming.
  3. Suddenly, a gray streak hurtles out of the tall grasses and lunges toward the pack leader, knocking him down. Then it turns to you, and you realize that the 'gray streak' is Smoketail! He is outnumbered, but he also has the element of surprise. He quickly drives the two wolves that were holding you down away, then looks at you. "Hurry, ______! We have to go!" Already, the other wolves were recovering from the surprise and advancing. You ask no questions, there will be time for that later. You wheel around and run, Smoketail following you. The rest of the pack runs after you, but you are fast and so is Smoketail. You hear the pack leader yell back at you, "Smoketail, get back here!" You start. How would he know Smoketail's name? Unless...But if Smoketail was a Plain spy, why would he rescue you?
  4. You and Smoketail run for several minutes, but the pack is still very close. Up ahead is a rocky river. "Get in, ______!" Smoketail pants beside you. You stop. The current is very strong, both of you would be quickly carried away. You'd never be able to reach the opposite side. Even if you could, you'd be dashed against the rocks and die first. "Jump!" Smoketail says with an urgent nudge, looking over his shoulder. You look to, the pack is close, they obviously think you are trapped and that they will soon be able to catch you. "Come on, it will be fine!" Smoketail urges, then, before you can stop him, he leaps into the river. He is quickly swept away, and barely misses being hit by several rocks. But he's not dead yet. You take a deep breath and plunge into the water as well. It is icy cold, even with your heavy coat you let out a surprised gasp. The current drags you along, nearly bashing your brains out against hard rocks. Just up ahead you can see Smoketail's bobbing gray head, he goes under for a second and you nervously wait for him to come back up, furiously paddling and trying to avoid rocks. Finally Smoketail's head is once again visible. You let out a sigh of relief.
  5. You can barely see Smoketail as you try to avoid getting killed, but you can see that he has stopped. How is he paddling against the current? Then you realize that he has grabbed an overhanging tree branch with his mouth, and is dragging himself up with his paws. He succeeds and pulls himself up on the bank, scanning the water for you. When he sees you, he lets out a sharp bark, urging you on to grab the branch, which you do. You struggle for a moment, but Smoketail leans forward and grabs you around the scruff of the neck with his mouth, helping you drag yourself up. You lay there, exhausted and heavily panting. Smoketail flops down beside you, his breath coming in short gasps. You two lay there for a second, then you totter up. Your legs are sore, but at least you are free from the Plain pack. That reminds you... "Smoketail, how did you know where I was? And how did the pack leader know your name? Have you been following me?" You ask in a rush, then sit down and look at him inquisitively. He sighs. "I've been following you this whole time. When I saw you leave I was pretty sure the Alpha had sent you to be a spy, so I followed. I didn't want you to get hurt." He looked sheepish. "How did I not smell you or hear you?" You inquired. "I rolled in a plant called deraw leaves. They masked my scent. As for you not hearing me, I've had my fair share of being silent."
  6. He grows quiet. You look at him and realize one of your questions went unanswered. "Smoketail, how did the pack leader know your name?" He sighed. "The pack leader is my...uh, my dad." He stammers nervously. In a split second, you jump up and pin him down. "So you're a Plain wolf." You hiss. "Yes, I mean no, well not anymore!" He gasped. "Why did you rescue me from your 'dad'?" You spit out the word. How could he have lied to you? Your suspicions were correct. "I told you, I'm not with him anymore! I was sent as a spy to the Forest, but when I observed how, well, nice the packs were, I realized that the Plain packs were just wrong! Your packs were so....united, and happy. I wanted it, too. So I decided to leave the Plain packs behind and become part of the Forest packs. The Plain packs are constantly fighting amongst each other, but the Forest packs are all friends, and if there is a dispute than you quickly settle it. I wanted to be part of that!" He said all this in a wheezy voice. "Can you release me?" He asked, gasping for breath. You take your paws off his chest but continue to stand over him.
  7. You stare at him for a long time, and he stares back. Finally, you sigh and step back. "Can I trust you." It was more of a statement then a question. He swallowed and stood, shaking the last of the water from his coat, water droplets flying everywhere. You watch him carefully out of the corner of your eye, ready for anything. But he simply walks over to you, ignoring the way you tense up. All of your life you've been taught to fear and hate Plain wolves, but now you are torn. He said he wants nothing to do with the Plain wolves anymore, but yet many other wolves have done the same and betrayed their Forest 'allies' at the last second. "Yes." The single word breaks your reverie. You turn and look at Smoketail. "What?" You ask. "Yes, you can trust me. I like you a lot, and I am serious about not wanting to be a Plain wolf anymore. Who says a Forest wolf can be born but not made? I want to be made into a Forest wolf." He says in a sincere voice. You bend down to drink, aware that this is a unguarded posture. If he wanted to, Smoketail could just push you with his body and you would go toppling into the stream. But he didn't. He just bowed down to drink as well. You straighten. "Now that the Plain packs know about me and you, we need to get out, back into the Forest." You say. "No, we can't now. They'll be expecting that. The Plain boundaries will be heavily guarded." Smoketail answers, and you realize he is right.
  8. That night, you and Smoketail find several large rocks to sleep under. They provided sufficient shelter. You realize how much you miss the Forest. It was so full, and didn't have the emptiness which you hated about the Plain. You don't like the silence, either. In the Forest there is always an owl hooting at night, and the trees rustle softly. But in the Plain there is nothing but the sound of the River that you had left behind, and the sound was a lonely, yearning sound. Smoketail, a little ways off, is sleeping soundly. But now you know that he is used to it. Earlier, when Smoketail had first fallen asleep, you had stealthily planted several twigs around you area, so if he, or anyone, tried to sneak up on you, you would hear the twigs snap and be warned. Finally, you fall into a restless sleep. You fall into a dream about....
  9. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!! Not a very good one, I know, but a cliffhanger all the same!
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