Could you survive the life of a wolf?

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If you were a wolf, would you be able to survive the battles between packs, the starvation when hunting is bad, the freezing temperatures, the hunters, and traps? We'll see! ;)

Created by: Nakita
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  1. You're playing air hockey (the table kind) with a friend. You accidentally lay one of your hands on the table. The puck hits it relly hard, and one of your nails chip. You...
  2. Are you vegetarian?
  3. You're ding-dong-ditching somebody. What do you do immediately after ringing the doorbell?
  4. Choose a weapon.
  5. Shoes!!
  6. Butters...
  7. Which of these things would you be the most willing to do?
  8. Have you taken the "What song does your soul sound like" quiz? If so, what result did you get?
  9. Are you emo?
  10. Do winged wolves exist?

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