Harsh Life of warrior cats: Can you survive #2.5

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Do you have what it takes to survive a Warrior's life? What path will you take? Find out in Harsh Life of warrior cats: Can you survive #2.5 This is a continuation to #1

Find out if you can live a Warrior Cat's life. Figure out what path you will take. In Harsh Life of warrior cats: Can you survive #2.5 If you see #2 please ignore it, that was an accident

Created by: Xenon
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  1. What did you score on the 1st quiz? If you didnt take the first one, you should go take it now.
  2. Your an apprentice on hunting patrol with your mentor. What happened?
  3. Do this 1 ONLY if you caught something! You get back from hunting and a senior warrior praises you on your hunting skills, you...
  4. Do this 1 ONLY if you DIDN'T catch anything! You come back to camp empty pawed, you...
  5. You go for a walk alone and stop by the training hollow where NightPaw the tom/she-cat who played with you when you were a kit is doing some fighting moves. What do you do?
  6. Later at camp your mentor asks you to get the ticks out of FrayedEar's pelt. You...
  7. You get chosen to go to the gathering tonight! What do you do when you get there?
  8. When the Gathering starts you...
  9. At the end of the Gathering you overhear two ShadowClan (or any other clan) cats whispering about battle plans. You hear only a few words. "Battle...______Clan(insert your clan's name)... three days... sunset" How do you react?
  10. When the battle comes your one of the first cats to get join the fighting. What kind of cat do you attack?
  11. When the fight is over you...
  12. One day you go to the medicine den to see if MallowNose needs help with anything and you find NightPaw with an infected wound. What do you do?

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Quiz topic: Harsh Life of warrior cats: can I survive #2.5