Can YOU Survive a Wolf's Life?

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Wolf lovers all over the world think wolves have amazing lives. They hunt meat, they have pups, they live in cool dens with their mates. But most of these wolf lovers don't know how hard a wolf life is.

Can YOU survive a wolf's life? Filled with tragedy, fear, excitement and education, a wolf's life is difficult. Wolf lovers: this quiz is for you. Take part as a wolf in this story quiz as you travel through life. Can you survive a full 17 years as a wolf? Or could you last until the end of puppyhood? Take this quiz to find out!

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  1. You are a two year old gray wolf living in northern Canada. You have no pack, no mate, you are starving to death and food is scarce...what do you do?
  2. Finally, you find caribou remains to eat. But as you walk towards them, you realize they are in a wolf pack territory. The alpha walks up to you and tells you to leave. What do you do?
  3. The alpha realizes you are starved and lets you eat. But he says you must join his pack before you eat. You love life as a lone wolf, but you can't starve. So you disappointedly join his pack and eat the meat. The alpha says you will be a submissive wolf. You don't like submissive wolves and you know they eat last and can't hunt and get hurt a lot. What do you do?
  4. But before you can tell him anything, a moose runs by. It looks very good so you run after it, the alpha at your heels. You keep running the wind rushing through your fur. The moose gallops through the forest. How will you take it down?
  5. Once the moose is down, the alpha begins to snarl at you. You just acted like an alpha, and that was very wrong. So you quickly run away from the pack. Continuing your life as a lone wolf, you think about starting your own pack. But which way is the right way to start one?
  6. You suddenly bump into a three year old white wolf that looks at you happily. You learn its name is Sam and you become mates with him/her. You learn the next thing to do is find a den. What do you think is the most ideal den?
  7. Once your den is found, you and your mate are starving. You notice birds sitting on the ground....tons of them! What do you do?
  8. Soon, you are in charge of a litter of three: A golden female, a silver male, and a silver female. The pups keep wandering off, getting into trouble. What is the right way to keep your pups from wandering off?
  9. While training your pups how to hunt, a bear runs towards your pups and takes the golden female. There is nothing you can do to save her. But you can save your two silvers. You pick up the male and your mate takes the female and you drop them in the den. You and Sam run to the bear. You know if you try to take it down, it will take you down! What do you do?
  10. Once the bear has disappeared, your mate tells you to go hunt while he cares for the pups. But you learn your pups are starving. They are lying on the ground whimpering. You are going to need a ton of food to fill your growing pups. What food is best?
  11. Soon, your pups are 8 months old and are ready to go on their first big hunt. You, Sam, and the pups run through the fields. Then, the silver female smells foxes. She runs towards them, and takes them down. Since she had taken the prey down, what does she get to do?
  12. Soon, the time has come for your pups to move on. They are adults now and you are forced to say goodbye. Once you have, you and Sam realize winter is approaching, and you must move to the winter den. What is an ideal winter den?
  13. The journey was hard, but you managed to survive. You have arrived at the winter den and have given birth to a single black pup. You nurse this pup in your den while your mate goes out to find food. But one day, when your pup is 8 weeks old, your mate doesn't return. What do you do?
  14. You realize Sam had been eaten by a polar bear. Now it is up to you to care for your pup. You have turned four years old. When your pup has grown and moved on, you move back to the summer den, a lone wolf once again. What do you think you should do?
  15. You find a red wolf named Casey who becomes your new mate. You continue to have pups as your life goes by. Soon, you are an old wolf.Now, how should you spend your days?

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