Your life as a wolf pt. 2

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Created by: EclipseShadow

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  1. The ion snaps toward you, and you dodge, but barely. He snarls. The other wolves are waking, and he escapes into the night, knowing that he wouldn't be able to fight off a whole pack of wolves. The Alpha chases him a little ways to make sure he doesn't come back, then returns. You are breathing hard. It had been quite a fright. The Alpha calms the rest of the pack. Gradually everyone settles down, but you can't. When you do, you sleep fitfully. Images of gaping, drooling jaws haunt your sleep.
  2. The next morning, you go out hunting with several other wolves. The elk gets away, but you catch a rabbit to stave off your hunger. When you get back, a smoky gray wolf is standing next t the Alpha. He has white marks on his paws and nose. You approach cautiously, but the Alpha is simply talking to him. "______! This is Smoketail. He has offered to be a pupsitter." The Alpha was obviously relieved. Our last pupsitter had been killed by a herd of startled elk. Smoketail looked at me, then averted his eyes in a submissive gesture. Pupsitter isn't a bad role, but it is one of the more lower ranking ones. "I am pleased to make your acquaintance, ________" He said.
  3. "______, I need to talk to you." The Alpha says. You follow him a little ways, where none of the other wolves can hear you. "I need a spy to go into the Plain territory. I think several Plain spys are around here, but I need more info. You are fast and agile, I am sure you can do the job." He says this all in a rush. You are amazed, and a bit flattered. The Alpha thinks you can be a spy! "Will you do it?" He asks. You hesitate, then agree. "Of course. I'll bring back as much information as possible!" You say it with more confidence then you feel. Your nervous, but the Alpha trusts you. You can't let him down! "You'll leave tomorrow night." The Alpha tells you, then walks off to the rest of the pack.
  4. You walk back to the pack. Smoketail is surrounded by dancing pups. He's trying to calm them, but they just get wilder. You walk over and help Smoketail untangle himself from the pups. They scurry away, to chase bugs and shadows. "Do you know you're a beautiful wolf?" Smoketail suddenly asks. You look at him surprised. He looks sheepish. "Uh, sorry. That just came out with no control. But you are beautiful." He says. "Thanks." You answer, a bit embarrassed. No one has every told you that before. "So, uh, where you in a pack before this, or a loner?" You ask, trying to bring up a conversation. "I was in a pack." He replies quietly, then walks away to herd a pup away from some wolves it was annoying. You wonder why he didn't say more. Obviously it's a touchy subject, but why? You ponder it for a few moments, then drop the subject and start to hunt for a rabbit. You'll think about it later, but you need your strength for the long, hard journey ahead of you.
  5. You sleep hard that night, with no scary dreams. the day passes quickly and with no disturbances. You and Smoketail talk a bit more, but he skirts around the subject of his pack every time it's brought up. His behavior is odd, but you don't worry over it. You are to bust preparing for your journey. You stuff yourself after a successful deer hunt, and drink lots. The Alpha asks you to gather as much info as you can, but if someone spotted me to come back as soon as I could. If the Plain wolves suspected, then I would be caught and I would be of no use to anyone. Smoketail observed you often. You hope he hasn't the Alpha talking to you about spying. It is supposed to be top secret so that no word reaches the Plain packs. Only a few other Alphas know of your mission.
  6. That night you head out. Darkness fall quickly, and you move swiftly through the woods. But after you leave your pack's territory behind, you move slower. You don't know this pasrt of the Forest, and you are careful to avoid all wolf sentries. If you were mistaken for a Plain spy, that would certainly slow you down. You sleep once dawn comes, then move out again once more once dusk falls. You have a strange feeling that something is following you, but every time you turn around, you see nothing. You have no choice but to continue on and try to be as silent as possible.
  7. Two days pass like this, and you can't get rid of the feeling that someone is trailing you. But yet, you can't smell or see anything. 'I'm probably just being paranoid. After all, this isn't exactly a easy mission.' You tell yourself the third day of traveling after you nearly fell into a river while wheeling around to check that no one was behind you. The feeling of uneasiness is growing, and you barely sleep at night. Your senses are high and you strain all of them, but nothing but your instinct tells you someone, or something, is following.
  8. You are extremely close to Plain territory. You move slower every day, trying to avoid the wolf pack sentries. These wolf packs are sharp, for they must be being so close to Plain territory. You make several close escapes. You are drinking from a stream one day when the feeling that someone is watching you heightened. You jump and turn, snarling, but no one is there. You don't sleep at all that day, your eyes constantly straining to see whatever is there. Once night falls you move on. Suddenly the Forest ends. A small trickling stream separates it from the great expanse of grass which is the Plain. There is only a few trees, dotted across the ground. You can see wolves far away. Luckily, there is many rocks which can offer quick cover if needed. Still, you have never been out of the Forest, and the great empty place frightens you.
  9. You move out, cross the stream, and immediately move behind a large formation of rocks. No wolves saw you, but a wolf pack is near and you slowly approach, moving quickly from boulder to boulder through the tall grass. Suddenly, you hear a rustle. you glance back and you see a flash of grey. You move backward to investigate when brow wolf jumps out of the grass and jumps at you, teeth flashing. Two other wolves attack to. You are quickly overwhelmed.
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHA! Plz comment and rate! I want to thank Reanna15146! She was my first commenter! If no one else comments then I won't write anymore!

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Quiz topic: My life as a wolf pt. 2