Your life as a wolf

READ THIS AND SECOND PARAGRAPH! Okay, so this is a wolf story. There is a huge forest, and a huge plain right next to it. Many wolf packs inhabit both. The Plain packs are evil, full of malice. They hate the Forest packs, which are generally good. The Forest packs are trying to stop the Plain packs from taking over the Forests and their packs.

Okay, so this quiz series is about the two colonies fights as they try to triumph over each other. The results are your wolf name and personality. This is my first quiz series, so please comment and rate! I won't continue the series if you don't!

Created by: EclipseShadow

  1. What is your eyes color?
  2. Pick a word!
  3. Pick another word (almost to the story, I promise!)
  4. What is your coat color?
  5. Okay, now with the story. You are a wolf in one of the Forest packs. (READ FIRST PARAGRAPHS IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY!)
  6. You are laying outside, looking at the stars. Most of the pack is outside, too. They are asleep around you. Suddenly, you hear a twig cracking. Your head snaps up, and you sniff the air. You smell a wolf. Wary, you slowly stand and start to walk toward the noise...
  7. As you walk forward, ears straining and eyes alert, a wolf explodes out of the bushes. He attacks you, biting and clawing wildly. You let out a strangled howl,calling for help, before fighting the strange wolf back. You twist and turn, trying to avoid the sharp teeth. You manage to stay alive, but the surprise attack caught you off guard. Just then, about seven wolves burst out next to you, pushing the wolf away. The Alpha walks out, and examines the strange wolf. The wolf is struggling, but two wolves, Fang and Flash-flood, restrain him with mouths and paws. He is grey with white marking on his paws and ears.
  8. The Alpha stares the strange wolf down, until he averts his eyes. "Who are you and what are you doing here?" The Alpha demands. "As if I'd tell you!" The wolf replies haughtily. The Alpha leaps forward and nips him on the ear. The wolf's dark grey eyes flare, but he remains silent. "Tell me!" The Alpha says, and growls, low and threatening. You have been forgotten.
  9. The Alpha finally finds out that the wolf was a spy from the Plain packs. Instantly, he orders a messenger wolf to alert the rest of the Forest packs. The wolf is sent back to the Plain packs with an escort, so he won't escape and cause further damage. The Alpha gave the wolf, who's name turned out to be Cloudburst, a message telling the Plain packs that we were ready,whatever they may do. Cloudburst will probably be squeezed or information once back in his pack, and he will give our message. Unfortunately,he will also give our pack's location. The Alpha was hurrying the rest of the wolves out of their slumber so we could move on deeper into our territory.
  10. You leave with the pack and spend all day traveling. The pups are whiny and bored. Finally, you stop. After that, you and some other wolves successfully brought down a full grown male deer. The deer is fat and full,and you can't wait to eat. When do you finally do so?
  11. A night passes, and normal wolf life goes on. We don't move any farther, for several wolf mothers are having pups. There has been no sign of the Plain packs, and everyone feels safe. One night, you fall asleep quicker than usual. A dream about the Plain wolves dance in your head. You are being chased, 10 to 1, and they are on you heels. You are running faster then you ever have before, but the wolves aren't tiring. You know that when they catch you they will kill you. Their breath is hot on your heels. You suddenly stumble, and you look up to see a snapping mouth with sharp teeth ready to bite...With a jerk, you wake up. You are staring into the eyes of a mountain lion, fangs dripping. It is obviously starved, even ready to eat you. It snarls and bares it's teeth...
  12. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!! Please comment and rate. Stay tuned for the rest of the series!

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