My wolf story(all parts)#1-10

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Welcome! To my story of the original and mine, story, Packs of elvenforest! Well? Will you listen? Or will you trot off? This is when I am a wolf, sitting on fields.

There are going to be a few other quizzes to help you understand the packs, the reasons, and the wolves. I need to run..... but I'll tell you this story first

Created by: Dreamchacher1086

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  1. Read opening paragraphs. Enough said.
  2. Blink Blink Blink. What's this? Where are my siblings? Mommy growled. "Pup. Your siblings died. Now its your turn!" When she said die, I took off into the forest, running as fast as my tiny legs could run. I ran straight into Skyclan's territory. The Healer-wolf found me, and quickly took me back to their camp when she saw my mother in hard persuit, paws ready for the killing blow. She explained my hardships, and I shifted, ready for rejection. Surprisingly the leader took me in. I was marveled over by other pups, while I told my story. One pup seemed particularly interested in me...
  3. The pups name was Darkpup. Creepy. I first thought when he introduced himself. My name was Lightpup, which was odd. I guess he liked me. I didn't like him that much. He was too ambitious. I liked a other pup named Sunpup. He liked me back.
  4. I was kept from the annual moon gathering, because I wished to. The leader favored me, so she allowed me to. After it, she came back in disgust. She growled " The Bloodpack didn't even mention that you were gone! Next howl, your coming with me. As much as I disliked that idea, the truth must be told.
  5. Soon our names were changed. We all turned into juniors, but Sunpups name was changed completely. He became Danejunior, or Danej for short. No one knows why.
  6. Skip a few weeks..... Howl agean. Your mom tries to kill you as soon as I arrive. She is exiled from all of the packs. You reveal your story, and Bloodpack's leader invites me back in, but I refused.
  7. I was truly a wolf now, with the name Lightstar. Bloodj, turned into Bloodmark, and Danej turned into Danebrave.
  8. I fell in love with Danebrave, and he loved me. Bloodmark stalked me, always trying to win me over. He was anrgy when my true wolf came out. He learnd that I was expecting Danebrave's pups and he-
  9. *ahem* he fed me a rabbit with poison berries in it and I lived. He then, (when my kits came out) tried to feed them rabbit poisoned with poison berries. He was exiled. Danebrave touched my shoulder with his paw, and nuzzeled me. Danebrave later died from Bloodmark and my mom. I died a few days later, (from them), then my pups died, one by one until there was one left. That kit killed Bloodmark and my mom. They deid. The end.
  10. My kit, just to let you know, became leader of the pack.

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