what is your rank in a wolf pack?

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what is it like to be a wolf? wolf live in packs, each pack has 10 or maybe even 30 wolfs in it. there are ranks in each pack, from omega to alpha, each position has it's own job.

Want to know your rank huh? than take this quiz! if you liked it. please leave a comment! oh and don't forget to tell me your results too!! hehe...this is either going to be fun! or boring... click the button! let's do dis!!!

Created by: nil elle
  1. choose a word:
  2. what is your zodiac sign?
  3. choose one:
  4. if there is a Grizzly in your territory, what you do?
  5. pick a Number
  6. how old are your closest friends?
  7. when do you normally get up
  8. are you easily scared?
  9. What is your worst nightmare?
  10. This quiz has ended lets get your results.

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Quiz topic: What is my rank in a wolf pack?