Wolf Pack Life (She-wolves only)

You are a wolf in your pack, Lightningpack, and your alpha got sign that there was trouble coming. In the forest there are three other packs, Riverpack, Willowpack, and Frostpack.

On your journey you will meet three male wolves. Will you choose the kind and friendly Pine, the smart and shy Spirit, the brave and confident North, or will you choose no one?

Created by: HalfMoon123
  1. You are a Silver she-wolf with black ears and paws. Your name is Thalia and you hunt and fight for your pack.
  2. Let's begin! You wake up in the morning and feel the sun warm your pelt. What's the first thing you do?
  3. Before you can go do what you were going to do, you hear your pack's alpha, Moon, say that she needs to make an announcement. As you're walking over to her, a reddish brown wolf bumps into you, knocking you over. You recognize him to be Pine. "Oh, I'm so sorry! Let me help you up!" he says, flustered.
  4. Pine helps you up and you both listen to what the alpha has to say. "Wolves of Shadowpack, today I was told of a great danger that would be coming to our pack. I am unaware of what it is or when it will come, but until I have more Information, I want all of you to be careful when leaving camp and don't leave alone." many wolves gasp and the alpha dismisses us.
  5. It's after the meeting and a black wolf approaches you. His name is Spirit. He is one of the pack's best members and pretty much keeps to himself so your shocked. "Do you want to go hunting with me?" He asks shyly.
  6. If you chose to go hunting with Spirit, answer this question, if not then choose "N/A". You follow Spirit to the clearing near the river. "This is a good place to hunt" he says decisively. You nod in agreement and you two begin to hunt. After a while, the rabbit Spirit was stalking ran away. You notice it and kill it with a swift blow. "Good catch." says Spirit.
  7. If you chose not to go hunting with Spirit, answer this question, if not then choose "N/A". As you walk around camp, you run into Pine again (but not literally this time). "Hey Thalia, do you want to share this deer with me?" he asks kindly. "Sure," you reply.
  8. It's night time and you are sleeping in the den. You feel a cold gust of wind and you choose to...
  9. The next morning you wake up to the screeches of battle. You immediately jump to your paws to help your pack. You're in the midst of battle when someone pins you down. It's a wolf from Riverpack. Suddenly you feel the weight lifted off of you. Unexpectedly, the Riverpack helped you up and gave you a smile before melting into the battle again.
  10. After the battle, the Riverpack wolf approaches you. "Can I meet you at the lake at sundown?" he says. You consider this before saying yes. Besides, he might know something about the danger. "I'm North by the way" he adds before disappearing.
  11. At sundown you try to go out of the camp, but Spirit sees you. He goes over to you and asks where you're going. You see how concerned he is and reassure him that you'll be fine.
  12. When you get to the lake, you see that North's already there. He turns to you in a confident way. "Why did you ask to meet here?" you ask. "I think I know what the danger is." he replies. "What is it? And why would you tell me of all wolves?" you inquire. "I think I can trust you." he says warmly. He puts his tail closer to yours
  13. The next day, Spirit shyly brings you a rabbit and asks to eat with you. You and Spirit talk about the best hunting skills and battle strategies and suddenly, you remember what North told you about yesterday and decide to tell Spirit about it. You tell him that to danger was going to be an animal the forest had never seen before. He thinks about it for a little bit and asks where you heard this. You tell him about Spirit and he seems to look a bit jealous.
  14. After you finish your rabbit, Pine approaches you. He kindly asks if you wan to go hunting and you accept. The two of you go hunting deep in the woods and you get lost. You stumble around a bit worried until you see the bush rustle. Suddenly Pine pops out and nuzzles you. "I thought I'd lost you." he said concerned.
  15. That's the end of the quiz! I'll make a part two so if you liked this one, look for that!
  16. Thanks for taking this quiz!!!!!!!

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