What Do You Know About Wolves?

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There are many animals in the world that are very beautiful, but I find that the most glorious of them all is the tactful, smart, pack-bound, loyal wolf.

If you think you know alot about these beautiful creatures, take this quiz to see if you really know just that much! Trust me, this quiz is 100% reliable! And I'm not just saying that to get more characters!

Created by: Mia is Silence

  1. What is the level of conservation status for the gray wolf?
  2. How many subspecies of wolf are recognized?
  3. In a wolf pack, what is the highest ranking wolf pair called?
  4. In a wolf pack, what is the lowest ranking wolf pair called?
  5. What is the average number of pack members?
  6. Wolves rarely remain in one pack for more than ______ year/s.
  7. What animal can a wolf attack that is up to 15x larger than it?
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Quiz topic: What do I Know About Wolves?