what rank in a wolf pack are you?

if your ever became a wolf or you are just wandering what rank you are in a pack, you need to know what rank your truly are. answer honestly and you will get your honest rank.

what rank are you? Alpha or leader, Beta or warrior, hunter,scout, healer, and Omega, or idiot. this quiz will help you to know where you stand in the pack.

Created by: emily of idunno
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. if you were a wolf and you were in a fight, what would be your weapon?
  2. I know everyone hates this question but what is your favorite color?
  3. what rank do you want to be?
  4. what rank do you think your gonna get?
  5. which best describes you?
  6. which word best describes you?
  7. did you like the test?
  8. what would you do on a Saturday morning?
  9. what animal best describes you?
  10. what pet do u have?

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Quiz topic: What rank in a wolf pack am I?