Wolf Role Play part 2

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The Pinewood pack is in danger. A mysterious danger lurks the forest. You are Frost, a white/silver she-wolf with blue eyes, a youth in the pack. This is the second quiz in the Wolf Role Play: The Prophesy Wolf.

FYI the name of the series is The Prophesy Wolf. Inside info: Ilia is the wolf God, there are 3 packs: Mountainflight, Oakpaw, and Pinewood. You are in Pinewood, just to be clear. Your alpha is Mist. Comment on what you thought/who you got, and rate it :)

Created by: Darkestfox09
  1. You and the other youths stand up, and nose out of the den. The scream came from the pups den! You and the others race over, and find one of the she-wolves, Ashstorm, sobbing on the ground and being comforted by the other she-wolves. Hunters rush over from their sleeping spot and surround you. Then alpha Mist shoulders her way through. She is a sturdy, stocky built grey wolf with fiery eyes. "Silence!" She calls. Someone pulls you away from the circle gently.
  2. You turn and see Agni. He has a worried crease on his brow. "What if the thing that took the pups was the same thing that attacked Ravine?" His eyes go cold at the name Ravine, but he licks your nose nervously.
  3. You decide to get Ravine. You shoulder through the crowd until you find him, standing wide-eyed with terror.
  4. Your about to do something, when Agni comes up behind to and stands very close, his fur brushing yours. "Ravine, we need to ask you something." And he leads you too away. Do you...
  5. Before you can say anything, Agni turns to Ravine. "Can you remember anything about the wolf that attacked you?" Ravine shy's away from Agni's intense stare, and looks at you. "Well, he had lots of scars, and dark fur and... He seemed to know me."
  6. "What are you guys doing?" Interrupts a quiet voice. You turn and see a stocky brown wolf about your height sidle up with a docile tone. Peaktail.
  7. You look at Agni and he nods, and you speak. "Ravine was attacked yesterday," Peaktail nods. "well, we were wondering if what attacked him is the thing that took the pups." Peaktail nods and thinks for a moment.
  8. Mist interrupts your train of thought. "I am sending out three squadrons of three to find the pups! The first group; Lobo, Biryuk and Blaez." The first group assembles. "Dib, Sagepaw, Adoff." As does the second. "Cuan, Peaktail, Frost."
  9. Cuan, a slim grey dog-wolf, comes over to you and Peaktail. "Let's go, we're searching around the DewLake." He takes off, and Peaktail's motions for you to go first. You feel Agni's resentful eyes on you.
  10. A few minuets later, your running along the edge of a sparkling lake directly in the centre of the three packs. The stars reflect off the surface like a net strung from silver, glittering like dewdrops on the grass. Peaktail runs up next to you, and follows your gaze to the lake. "Beautiful, isn't it?"
  11. Suddenly, a roar fills the whole world. You skid to a stop just before you hit the huge creature. It bellows, and you scream in fear. This animal could swallow you whole! Peaktail stops as well, and looks between you and the bear.
  12. Before I finish, I want to shout out to Pathbreeze, for, without knowing it, inspiring me to make this quiz! I don't think you'll ever read this, but thank you!
  13. All finished :)
  14. Keep an eye out 4 part 3! :D

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