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The Pinewood pack is in danger. A mysterious danger lurks the forest. You are Frost, a white/silver she-wolf with blue eyes, a youth in the pack. Let me explain the rules; There will be choice questions, so if you didn't pick a path on a question, just pick DIDN'T CHOOSE. Kk? Cool. Comment on who you got! FYI, I tried to make it not too lovey-dovey, but its kinda hard, ya know. Like, what other results can you get. Leave me a comment

FYI the name of the series is The Prophesy Wolf. Inside info: Ilia is the wolf God, there are 3 packs: Mountainflight, Oakpaw, and Pinewood. You are in Pinewood, just to be clear. Your alpha is Mist. Comment on what you thought/who you got, and rate it :)

Created by: Darkestfox09
  1. Ok. Your name is Frost. Your are a white/silver female with blue eyes. Mmk?
  2. DID YOU READ THE OP!!!???!!!???
  3. Cool. Let's start. You are sitting in your pack's camp. The alpha Mist is sitting on her rock, staring over the pack, when a reddish brown wolf comes and sits next to you. "Hey Frost." You remember his name is Agni. He flips his tail over and it touches yours. You mumble a greeting.
  4. Suddenly a howl comes from outside the wall of the camp. Agni pricks his ears and your eyes flick up and down the wall of greenery. Then the panicked howl sounds again, then you realised there's no fighters in the camp. Their all out hunting! Only she-wolves and puppies remain. "Come on!" Agni yips, taking off towards the sound.
  5. (This will make sense if you red the OP!) You and Agni sprint to the wall of the camp, and leap over shrubs. Fighting through thorns and brambles, you snarl angrily. Claw-like spikes snag your flanks, but then you suddenly pop lose. A dark wolf pins down a fellow youth of your pack, but as soon as it sees you, he sprints away through the undergrowth. "Thanks." mumbles the youth. You realise its Ravine, a tall black wolf with broad shoulders. All three of you stop away, back to camp. Ravine looks out of the corner of his eye at you.
  6. You watch Agni sprint away through the undergrowth. You scramble backwards towards the she-wolves who are bundling the puppies into a little hole underneath some tree roots. You stand in front of the hole and glare at the wall of the camp. Suddenly, Agni breaks through the wall of shrub, followed by a black dog-wolf with broad shoulders. You remember him to be Ravine. "Good idea." Agni says supportively when they near you. Ravine seems to be searching for something in your face...
  7. You end up curled in your den with your friend Silverclaw. "Hey." she says sleepily as she settles close to you. "Had a nice hunt?" You ask. She nods, and starts grooming your coat gently.
  8. The next morning, Silverclaw wakes you up for hunting at dawn. "Mist sent out an order; all the youths are hunting. I'm going with Biryuk (Another female)." She nods apologetically at you. Your eyes trail too...
  9. You went with Agni. He leads you into a quiet meadow, filled with shrill but sweet birdsong. "Rabbits." He mouths to you. You both drop into a stalk, and circle around a rabbit hole, which by its scent is home to warm bodies. You pounce, and three rabbits squeal and try to scramble out. Two gets caught my your paws, but the third one gets away. Agni slams his foreclaws down on its back. "Nice work." You both walk back to camp with your loot, and Agni nuzzles your neck.
  10. You went with Ravine. He leads you too a small thicket of pine woods, just like the name of your pack. He nods towards the sound of chicks. Probably owl chicks, and the sound of wings. Together, you catch a mother owl and four plump chicks. "Ilia bless you." You say as you slit their throats. On the way back Ravine looks straight ahead, without glancing at you.
  11. Eventually, you ask him if somethings wrong. He shakes his head. "No." His voice is like velvet. You raise you brow. "Really?" He pauses, then nods. "Alright. But not now." He warns. "I am going out hunting tonight, meet me in the pine woods."
  12. You went with Faolan. He bounces up and down, licking your muzzle. "Quick, lets GO already! I have the perfect place!" He pounds away through the undergrowth. "Wait up!" You call with a laugh, and find him stalking a rabbit in the woods. You drop into a crouch, and circle the other side of the animal. Faolan leaps into the air, and lands on it with a crunch. "Ilia bless you." And snaps its neck. "Nice." You say. On the way back, you offer to hold the rabbit and he bumps your side with his affectionately. You give his flank a quick but gentle swipe with your paw.
  13. You try to go with Peaktail, but he ends up going with Adoff. You shrug, and go by yourself. You catch a rabbit and a owl.
  14. When you get back, Silverclaw is waiting for you with two plump rabbits. You go and settle in your sleeping spot, grateful to your friend. You eat, talk, nuzzle each other and share stories.
  15. A cry of terror echo's around the camp, and you and Silverclaw freeze. Across the sleeping cave, Ravine meets your eyes, wide with fright...
  16. Uhh oh...
  17. Cliff-hanger :p

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