Lone Wolf RP! Take this quiz to find out your pack!

Hi! Im glad to present my 1st wolf role Play! So, basically it is a role play, and when youre done you get to find out which pack your in! They all have traits, likely prey and homes!

(your name) means your name is in that part. I didnt choose an name for you because you might not like it. Umm... Oh, yeah! You can be a girl or a boy to play! Enjoy!

Created by: Alpine
  1. You are sitting on a rock, eating, and 3 wolves come over. They are alphas. The first one is a brown wolf. Hi, Im snow! He says. Next ones were a black and white wolf. Hi, Im Storm. This is Mist. The black wolf said. What do you say?
  2. You stare at the wolves. They say, want some free food? Weve got 3 types. Deer, Elk and Chipmunk.
  3. You take the food. How do you eat it?
  4. You eat, and drink. Then you see a bear. It saw you. IT WANTS TO FIGHT! Quick,what do you do?
  5. It gets distracted then it runs the other way. Then, you get caught in a trap. How do you get out?
  6. Whew! Glad that worked! You - to the place where the 3 dens meet.
  7. You decide to admire the ?
  8. Then you meet in a den. Who guides you there?
  9. Choose a letter.
  10. Bye! How did you like this? (Wont effect result)

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Quiz topic: Lone Wolf RP! Take this quiz to find out my pack!