Wolf Role Play part 3

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The Pinewood pack is in danger. A mysterious danger lurks the forest. You are Frost, a white/silver she-wolf with blue eyes, a youth in the pack. This is the third in the Wolf Role Play: The Prophesy Wolf.

FYI the name of the series is The Prophesy Wolf. Inside info: Ilia is the wolf God, there are 3 packs: Mountainflight, Oakpaw, and Pinewood. You are in Pinewood, just to be clear. Your alpha is Mist. Comment on what you thought/who you got, and rate it :)

Created by: Darkestfox09
  1. The bears rears up and roars like the DewLake is splitting. Peaktail and you were flat against the ground. "Run!" You shout, shoving Peaktail back. You hear a whistling noise behind you, and feel a rock-hard paw crunch down on your back. You whine with pain and Peaktail seizes your scruff in his mouth and pulls you away before the bear hits you again. Cuan started to help him, but the bear bellows gain...
  2. You push Peaktail and Cuan with your forepaws, then roll away as the bear's huge paw smashes the ground beside your head, just centimetres away. A pair of jaws suddenly grabs your scruff, and you see Faolan out of the corner of your eye. You back suddenly screams with pain, and the last thing you remember is Faolan hoisting you on Cuan's back before you black out.
  3. A dull pounding pain awakes you. The smell of bear reaches your nose and you open your eyes with a yelp, but realise the bear is gone; Faolan and Cuan got you away. One of the healer's, Ethewulf, comes in. "Good. Your awake."
  4. "Everyone is fine." Laughs Ethelwulf as a gush of questions come out your mouth. "You have visitors." She steps out of the entrance of the small cave, and two wolves come in. Silverclaw and Agni! "Frost" They both cry at the same time.
  5. You fall asleep that night in the healers den; your back is damaged. Silverclaw volunteers to sleep with you, as does Agni. Ravine took over your position in the search, and Faolan is hunting. There's only room for one wolf in the healers den to sleep with...
  6. You choose Silverclaw. Agni nods sourly, and leaves for the youths den. You and Silverclaw curl up tightly and fall into a sweet, dreamless rest.
  7. You choose Agni. Silverclaw nods, and you lick each other's cheeks and she leaves. Agni presses his muzzle to the top of your head gently, then curls around you. His fur is soft, so soft, that you burry your head in his shoulder fur and fall straight to sleep.
  8. You are waken by someone, your not sure who. They shake your shoulder, and you blink at them. Its Ravine.
  9. "Quick, I need to talk to you!" He whispers. You get up slowly, and he pulls you out. Its not even dawn yet. "Listen... I need to tell you something about the wolf attacked me, and why he did..." He leans into you, his breath warming you face...
  10. THE END! :)

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