What's your grammar kind?

There are some grammar kinds, come take this quiz and test yours. What is your grammar? Let's see... Only you can proof your true grammar in this quiz!

What's your grammar? C'mon, please take this quiz. Rate and comment, we are awesome, talking machines, grammar makers, too cool to be true, well, is true xD

Created by: realmaster42
  1. How do you say HELLO? (dont choose any option if theres not what you say)
  2. How do you say HELLO? 2nd option list
  3. How do you say PLEASE? (dont choose any option if theres not what you say)
  4. How do you say GOODBYE? (dont choose any option if theres not what you say)
  5. Now let's have some fun! SILLY QUESTIONS!!! 1. Prepared to know your grammar?
  6. 2. Did you like this quiz?
  7. Now questions wont c0unt. lol, 3. a squirrel stole your pizza!!!
  8. Seriously, hello.
  9. Make this phrase: car awesome no one , saw before My .
  10. Last Question: Cloudy with a change of meatball rain 2

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Quiz topic: What's my grammar kind?