Boredom quiz (I hate me too)

Hiya, so I'm Lily and I am bored. I have to write this 'informative paragraph' even though no-one in existence will read it. Well, have fun completing my deliberate bad grammar

This is the second paragraph.. i mean if someone is reading this then hi i guess. tbh i cant be bothered to grammar right now so im not gonna. well enjoy da quiz i guess

Created by: Lily

  1. HI, are you bored?
  2. So uh, I'm super bored as well. Uhh what's your favourite colour?
  3. Oh nuhh, my phone just fell off my bed and now i have to use effort and go to get it
  4. Ummm so whats your favourite christmas song
  5. why are you still here lol
  6. I am taking time out of my pathetic little life to do this, what is wrong with me :) anyway question uhh do you like harry pootter. (ILOVEITSOMUCH AHHH)
  7. I'm bored now, why on earth are you still here? You can leave if you wish. Or stay with me
  8. Who here is a Slytherin then? I am :)
  9. Uh, Ok. I know this quiz is rubbish shuddup ok
  10. Last question. I'm leaving now. That's a statement not a question. Wutevr byee

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