Wings of Fire Forgotten: The Amethyst Winglet (part 3)

Part 3 of my quiz series! Where I last left off, Cay had dragged Lily, River and Amber off on an exploration and then Lily woke up to a cliffhanger, right?

If that last paragraph made no sense to you, click on my name below (QueenGlory) and take the first two quizzes. It's really important that you NOT take this quiz until you've done those ones. Anyway, if you HAVE taken those quizzes, let us continue!

Created by: QueenGlory

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  1. Great! This time, it's Citrine's pov.
  2. You wake up to your half-sister, Frost, kicking you. "Get up," she hisses. You sit up, blinking sleepily. "What'zzzz goin on?" you mumble, still half-asleep. "Some of the dragons just left... I think they're from our winglet." she snarls. You say:
  3. "We should follow them," Frost tells you, already at the door to your shared room. You get up grudgingly and drag yourself after the headstrong Icewing. "Frost, maybe we should--" "There!" she interrupts you, pointing confidently out into the distance. When you squint, you can just make out the silhouettes of four dragons flying in the direction Frost's pointing. She lifts off, trailing them. Do you follow her?
  4. Frost doubles back with an exasperated sigh and grabs you before you can decide whether to follow. You cast a longing glance back at Jade Mountain, which is rapidly disappearing behind you. Frost suddenly dives down and you land as well, following her gaze to where the other dragons in your winglet--Frost was right about that--were being confronted by a Sandwing. "Get down, GET DOWN!" you whisper as the Sandwing flies over you. The other dragons start flying back to Jade Mountain, and you pull Frost up to go back as well. You think:
  5. When you arrive back at Jade Mountain, the others have gone into their rooms and fallen asleep. You decide that that's a good idea and go into your room. Frost starts pacing, lashing her tail and you slip into your bed, deftly avoiding the whip-thin end as it swings near your feet. You:
  6. The next morning, you wake up and shake Frost awake. She glares at you and shoves you away, then curls up and goes back to sleep. Or maybe she's just glowering to herself silently. You can never tell. You shrug and leave. You go to...
  7. AMBER AND RIVER'S ROOM: You walk into the cave where Amber and River sleep, but neither of them are there. You decide to go look for Amber:
  8. LIBRARY: As you walk into the library, you see Lily in the back corner, reading one of the old "Tales of the Nightwings" scrolls that the Dragonets of Destiny had rescued from their hideout under the mountain. You see that her expression is a mixture of wistful and skepticism. She snorts, rolling her eyes, then looks up and sees you. Her eyes widen and she closes the scroll, shoving it back into a pile next to her. "Uh... hey," she says. Her gaze flicks behind you hopefully, but there's nothing there.
  9. LIBRARY: She fidgets and pulls the scroll back out of the pile. "I know most of it's not true, but I think it's kinda funny." You go over and look at some of the other scrolls in her pile. You see more scrolls on Nightwings, some on Rainwings and a few of the Nightwing scrolls discussing the rainforest invasion. "Have you seen Amber?" she asks.
  10. OUTSIDE/CONFRONT CAY: When you get outside, you see Cay and Amber talking and you go up to them. "Oh, hey Citrine!" Amber says. "We had an adventure last night; it was really fun!"
  11. OUTSIDE/CONFRONT CAY: She smiles and proceeds to tell you all about what had happened. "Sorry that we didn't tell you," she says guiltily. "But I think Cay only meant it to be her and Lily. River just heard them get up and dragged me along to yell at them."
  12. COMBAT TRAINING: You walk into a cave to find Frost and River fighting. You watch. Who do you root for?
  13. COMBAT TRAINING: As you get closer, you hear them shouting at each other. "What were you doing out there?" Frost yells. River hisses and replies, "Why were you following us?" "CAUSE I DON'T TRUST YOU!!" "None of your business why we were out there anyway!" You sigh and shove your way in, pushing the two snarling dragons apart. You say:
  14. Just then, you hear Tsunami calling for everyone to go outside and get in their winglets.
  15. When you get outside, you go to where the Amethyst Winglet is supposed to meet. You look for:
  16. You and the rest of your winglet group together, and you see that your winglet is Cay, you, Lily, Amber, Frost, and River.
  17. Watch for Part 4!
  18. Who do you think you're most like?

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