Wings of Fire Forgotten: The Amethyst Winglet (part 2)

Hi again! Part 2 of the Amethyst Winglet is here! I'm going to get more into the story here, so get ready for more action! Again, only female main characters, so if you don't identify as female, you can change the pronouns.

If you haven't taken the first quiz, do it BEFORE you take this one. It introduces *most* of the characters, so it's pretty important. Click on my name right under this written part and you'll find Part 1.

Created by: QueenGlory

  1. This one is in Lily's POV.
  2. You (Lily) wake up to your roommate, Cay, shaking her. "Hey, Lily, wake up," she whispers. "Is it morning already?" you mumble, sitting up and yawning widely. Cay laughs. "Of course not! Wanna go out and explore?" You sigh. THIS again. The hyperactive Rainwing had asked you to explore at least five times yesterday morning. You say:
  3. No matter what you choose, Cay manages to drag you out of your room. "Come on!" she hisses excitedly. You run with her out of the caves and are about to fly off to explore when a voice shouts, "Hey!" behind you. You turn around, excuses already forming in your mind about how to explain what you're doing. The Seawing that the voice belongs to glares at you and Cay, who shrugs guiltily. "What are you doing?" It's River, the Seawing in your winglet. A Mudwing peeks out behind her and sees you. Her eyes light up with recognition and she waves at you. You:
  4. River sighs and rolls her eyes. The Mudwing goes up to you and introduces herself. You find yourself starting to like her. River looks at you, seemingly done giving Cay the death glare, and you're surprised to find some amusement in her eyes. Amber (the Mudwing) makes a joke, and all four of you burst out laughing. Cay says, "Hey, maybe you guys could come with us! We're just going to explore a little." River nods, and Amber agrees enthusiastically.
  5. Cay launches herself into the air and the rest follow her. River takes the lead despite Cay's protests. You chat with Amber a little more, and find out that all four of you are in the Amethyst Winglet together. "So's Citrine," Amber says. You feel a stab of jealousy as she proceeds to talk about how the Skywing-Icewing had shown her to her room last night, complain about River, and worry about Citrine's half-sister, Frost. You say:
  6. Suddenly, River calls for everyone to stop and land. You follow her down and find a scavenger den. "Ooh, scavengers," Amber exclaims. "They're so tiny and cute!" You say:
  7. The scavengers scream and run away. You hear a snarl from behind you and turn around to see a big Sandwing standing there. "Who are you?" he demands. You stammer, but he doesn't wait for an answer. "This is Sandwing territory. Get out now." River pushes forward. "We're from the Jade Mountain Academy. Amethyst Winglet. If you attack us, you'll face a lot of consequences when we get back." "Yeah! Can't touch this!" Cay adds. Amber shrinks and tries to hide behind River. You:
  8. He fixes Amber with a glare. "You're half Sandwing." His tone was accusatory. Amber shifts, looking around uncomfortably. "Um. Yeah," she admits. You realize that she seems a little embarrassed of this, but River and Cay don't notice. "You're a hybrid?" Cay asks. "Cool!" River subtly inches away from Amber's tail, which was lashing nervously. You:
  9. River finally notices Amber's discomfort amid Cay's prying questions and says, "Okay, guys, let's go back." When Cay ignores her, she smacks the energetic Rainwing on the snout. "Hey! We're going back. Come on." Amber sighs as Cay nods and turns to follow the Seawing. You share a glance and she smiles at you.
  10. When you get back to Jade Mountain, you go back into your room and collapse into your bed. You dream about:
  11. The next morning, you wake up, and...
  12. and...
  13. Keep your eyes peeled for part 3!
  14. Who do you think you are? (This is taken into consideration, but not by much.)

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