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The quiz name is Life and Love at Hogwarts 3.1 because it's year 3 part 1. I hope you like it! I'm sorry for the lame grammar in the options places; I'm tired right now.

My grammar isn't lazy in these paragraphs because it says I'm not allowed to use text talk. Grammar isn't lazy in the questions because I wrote them earlier. Please comment.

Created by: Pyra Potter

  1. Okay, I have decided to restart this series! Yay! Any-who, we will begin our journey at Hogwarts. I'm going to write this one in first person to see if it's easier or harder to write. If you liked it better in second person tell me in the comments. Thanks!
  2. "_{your first name}_!! Wake up!" Someone called to me. "What do you want?" I moaned as I flipped my pillow to cover my head. It was Pansy Parkinson that was calling to me. I was used to waking up at noon to the call of sunshine, but"”being in Slytherin house"”I was to be woken by my roommates. "I WANT you to wake up! You are late!" She squealed as she threw a black pillow at me. "Hey!" I said defensively as it hit me. I sat up and pulled my _{your hair color}_ hair out of my face. Pansy gave a triumphant huff and crossed her arms with a smug look on her face. "Je vous ai dit d'utiliser le charme de l'eau pour me réveiller ! Si vous jetez trucs í  moi, je vais íªtre ab **** tous les jours !" I shouted at her in anger. (i told you to use the water charm to wake me up! If you throw stuff at me I'm gonna be a b**** all day!) Pansy gave me a demonic smile and grabbed another pillow. "Ne vous avisez pas jeter que, Pansy !" You shouted in French. (Don't you dare throw that, Pansy!) Pansy smiled and sat the pillow down. "Thank you. Now, I'll be at breakfast in about an hour," I told my friend and walked to the washroom that was attached to our dorm. I left the washroom half an hour later, dressed in my Slytherin robes. I dried my hair with a spell and brushed it. My hair was frizzy because I had neglected to undo my braid last night. It was my third day in third year! I had attended Beauxbatons for the first two years, not that I had a choice. My being half Veela didn't help with my opinion in things. People were too busy fawning over me to care what I said. This annoyed me beyond belief! I didn't feel like doing my makeup that morning so I went straight to breakfast. I walked upstairs to the dark, damp common room. "Hey! You're _{your first name}_, right?" A seventh year asked me as soon as I sat on the black futon. "Oui , ce est pour vous?" I asked snidely. (Yes, what's it to you?) "Je ai entendu dire que vous íªtes bon au Quidditch , ce est tout. Pas besoin de sortir snippy avec moi !" He remarked with a snider attitude than I had. (I heard that you're good at Quidditch, that's all. No need to get snippy with me!) "Eh bien, vous savez qui je suis . Alors, qui íªtes-vous?" I asked as I crossed my arms. (Well you know who I am. So, who are you?) "Jack Hobkins," he introduced. "Nice to meet you, Jack," I said indifferently. "Hey! You're speaking English!" He said surprisedly. "Yeah, so?" I asked with an annoyed attitude. "Well, I've only heard you speak French," he said. I rolled my _{your eye color}_ eyes. I told him I was leaving and rushed to the Great Hall for breakfast.
  3. I walked to the Great Hall with no incident. When I arrived it was noisier than I remembered. Seeing as no one was at the Slytherin table I walked to the Gryffindor table. "Heya, Hermione! Ron!" I greeted my friends. "Hey, _{your first name}_!" Hermione said as she hugged me. "Can I get one of those?" Ron pouted as he stood from the table. "If you have to," I sighed in false annoyance. Ron laughed and hugged me. I returned it and looked at the raven haired boy on the other side of the table. His forest green eyes were wide in shock and admiration. "Qui ce est?" I asked Hermione. (Who's that?) "Oh, that's Harry Potter. Harry this is _{your first name}_ _{your last name}_," she introduced. "Good Ghandi, Harry Potter?!" I breathed and walked around the large house table. "Yes. And you're a Slytheirn who isn't being a jerk," he said snidely. My temper flared. "Oh sure! All of us Slytherins are like that! We hate all you lions and my favorite word is mudblood!" I said sarcastically. "I didn't mean it like that," Harry apologized. "Just......don't. I'm used to it. I got criticized for EVERYTHING at my muggle school so I'm quite familiar with it," I sadly sighed and took the vacant seat next to him. "Don't worry. I don't bite," I joked at his shocked expression. He rolled his forest green eyes. "Don't mind if I sit here do you?" I asked him. "Not at all," he said dreamily. "Op! I forgot! If we're going to be friends there is something you need to know about me," I told him. "What is it?" He asked. "I'm half Veela," I whispered to him. He nodded slowly. "Ron, how is everybody?" I asked the ginger as I grabbed some cinnamon toast. "Alright I guess. Bill and Charlie are back to work, as is Dad. Mum's trying out new recipes and Percy's head boy," he answered. "That perfect little"”" I started. Hermione cut me off, "Hey! How was everyone's summer?" "Awesome! We went to Egypt! Although, my summer wavered a bit when Hermione's cat tried to eat Scabbers!" He ended off with an accusing look at my friend. "Egyptians used to worship cats!" Hermione shot back. "Psh. Yeah, along with the dung beetle!" Ron scoffed. "Hermione, you got a cat?" I asked in a pathetic attempt to stop their bickering. "Yeah, his name's Crookshanks," Hermione sighed. "Well, Ron, I think you should know that it's in a cat's nature to hunt rats. Hermione, as normal as it is for cat's to hunt rats just try to keep Crook out of trouble. Okay?" I resolved. My friends nodded and continued to eat. "So, how was your summer, Hermione?" Harry asked. "Mum, Dad, and I went to France to visit my grand-mum!" Hermione smiled. I smiled. Hermione's grand-mum always was her favorite. "How was your summer, Harry?" I asked my new friend. "I blew up my aunt," he said simply. "Wicked! Explosives?" I joked. "H*** no! She called my dad a drunk and my mum a b**** so I got mad and made her a balloon," Harry said. "Oh. I would've done much worse to her if she insulted my dead parents!" I said sadly. "Your parents are dead too?" Harry asked. "Well, yeah. They have been since I was 6 months old," I explained sadly. "How?" Harry asked. "That f***** up a** wipe called Voldemort!" I seethed as I plunged a knife into my ham angrily. Hermione and Ron flinched at the sound of his name, but Harry was unaffected. "Mine too," he whispered. "I'm sorry, Harry," I whispered sincerely. Harry nodded. "So! How was your summer, _{your first name}_?" Ron asked me. "Better than usual actually! Cousin Cole didn't throw as much glass at me this time! I was let out of the laundry room every now and then, which is new. I think that is the best summer ever! I didn't even have to call the hospital for myself this time!" I smiled. Harry looked appalled while Ron and Hermione were impressed with my good summer. "Wow! That's a new record!" Ron praised. I smiled and ate my mutilated ham. "Your cousin sounds awful!" Harry pointed out. "Sounds awful, looks awful, seems awful, IS awful," I told him.
  4. "Well, I've to go to Herbology," I sighed and stood up after I had had my fill. "_{your first name}_, I will see you around right?" Harry asked me. "Depends. Do you mind my being a Slytherin?" I answered. He shook his head. "Then definitely! We have next period together anyway. I'll sit near you guys," I promised. Harry looked relieved as he nodded. I smiled and turned around. I walked for a few paces until I came face to face with Pansy. "_{your first name}_, Slytherins don't hang out with mudbloods, blood-traitors, or Gryffindors! You just did all three!" She scolded me. "Pansy, if being a Slytherin means I can't hang out with Gryffindors, muggleborns, and people who have their own opinions, then I don't want to be one," I smiled at the satisfied look on Hermione, Ron, and Harry's faces. Pansy got red in the face and screamed for the entire hall to hear, "_{first name}_ _{last name}_, YOU ARE NNNOOO SLYTHERIN!!!" "MAYBE THAT'S A GOOD THING!!!" I shouted back. "YOU ARE A DISGUSTING HUMAN BEING!!! YOU ARE AS BAD AS THE MUDBLOOD!!" She screamed and pointed to Hermione. "IF ANYONE HERE HAS DIRTY BLOOD, PANSY, IT'S YOU AND THE PATHETIC PEOPLE THAT USE THE GOD FORSAKEN WORD!!!" I spat at her. "What you accuse of others is what you are yourself," I told her. Pansy slapped me across the face and I gave a playful scoff. "I didn't hit first," I told myself as I punched her in the nose. The two of us got into a fist fight that included biting, punching, kicking, cursing, and hair pulling. This continued until a fifth year Hufflepuff restrained me. I calmed down considerably at his shushing noises. "Stop hitting. You'll get yourself in more trouble than you already are," he whispered. "je sais, je sais . Qui íªtes-vous ?" (I know, I know. Who are you?) I whispered while gasping for breath. "What?" He asked. "I said: Who are you," I responded in a higher voice than I'd have liked. "Cedric Diggory. Now, you'd better get your story straight: Snape's coming," he answered me. I nodded silently as he released me. "What is going on here?!" Snape asked in his deep monotone. "_{your first name}_ hit me, Professor!" Pansy pouted. "'Cuz you hit me first!" I said sassily. "Did not!" Pansy whined. "I'll take three bottles of Veritaserum to prove it!" I shouted. "Seeing as how the use of Veritaserum on a student is forbidden I must wonder if you're being honest," Professor Snape said. "Do you have anything that can prove I'm not lying?" I asked desperately. "Follow me Miss _{your last name}_," Snape ordered. I obliged. I followed the seemingly gothic professor to Dumbledore's office.
  5. "Sherbet Lemon," Snape told a guardian eagle at the entrance to the headmaster's office. The staircase on which the eagle was placed began to rotate. I stepped on the escalator as did Snape and departed after ten seconds. "Headmaster, sorry to interrupt. Might Miss _{your last name}_ use your Pensive?" Snape asked the headmaster. Dumbledore nodded and gestured toward a shallow black bowl hovering over his desk. I touched it and it bolted to the other side of the room. "Wicked," I breathed and walked toward it. I grabbed the small bowl and placed it back in its original position. "What do I do?" I asked at the risk of seeming stupid. "Focus on the memory of which you wish to deposit, place your wand at your temple and pull," Dumbledore explained simply. I nodded and did so while marveling at the silver strand of memory that followed my wand to the small bowl. I placed the memory strand into the swirling mist inside of the black bowl. "Professor," I said civilly and stepped aside. The greasy black haired professor plunged head first into the magical object. After about five minutes the pulled his head out and wasn't even wet! "Miss Parkinson shall receive detention and Miss _{your last name}_, you gain twenty points for Slytherin," Snape told me. "Thank you, Professor," I smiled an evil smile and sent a twinkle to my _{your eye color}_ eyes. Snape nodded and I took it as my dismissal.
  6. I walked to Herbology and walked smack-dab into Ron. I accidentally kissed him in the process. "Oh, sorry Ron!" I exclaimed as I stepped back. "S'alright," he dismissed with a deep crimson blush. "Thanks!" I hugged him, waved, and ran off to Herbology. "Anytime," I heard him whisper. I rolled my eyes and ran off to Herbology. I arrived at the smoldering hot greenhouse ten minutes later: late. "Miss _{your last name}_, you're late," Professor Sprout scolded me. "Sorry, Professor. I was with Dumbledore," I explained. "Oh! Alright. Now, as I was saying. This is no ordinary tree stump. This tree stump is hollow inside and holds an egg. The assignment for today is retrieving the egg from the stump! Also, the tree bites," the stump woman explained. "A biting tree? Just your style eh, _{your last name}_," a platinum blond told me. "Il est certainement ! Maintenant, qui pourrait vous íªtre?" (It definitely is! Now, who might you be?) I answered. "Malfoy. Draco Malfoy," he answered. "Cool name, Draco," I commented as I poked the tree stump in front of me. I yelped quietly as a root scratched my arm. "Finally! Something that fights back!" I whispered and dove into the contents of the stump. I was victorious three minutes later, the first one, and placed the mucus covered egg on Sprout's desk. "Well, being late didn't affect you too much now did it? Ten points to Slytherin," the Hufflepuff head praised. I nodded curtly and walked back to my seat. Once I sat down my hand brushed against Draco's. He smirked as I blushed and took my hand. "se il vous plaí®t laisser aller, Draco," (Please let go, Draco.) I demanded through clenched teeth. Draco reluctantly released my hand and smirked more. "Is there even a smile under that smirk?" I joked. He gave a pained smile and I rolled my eyes. There was an awkward silence until class was over: an hour. As I walked out Draco grabbed my hand. He asked with a pleading look on his face, "On Halloween there's a Hogsmead trip. Will you go with me?" "Ask me closer to Halloween and I'll be able to answer," I laughed. He nodded, relieved that I hadn't given a flat out no, and released my hand. I smiled a warm, friendly smile and went to the Quidditch pitch.
  7. On the way there I ran into two red heads. 'Man this is happening a lot today!' I thought as I mentally cursed myself. "Hey, Fred! Hey, George!" I greeted with a smile. "Hey _{your first name}_!" They greeted in unisons. "Got anything new for me?" I asked hopefully. "'Fraid not," Fred answered. "We've been too busy working on our shop," George finished. "Cool!" I said happily. "Shouldn't you be in potions?" Fred asked. "Yeah, I SHOULD be, but Snape's pretty leaning about rules with me," I stated proudly. "Oh yeah! How did.." George started. "That thing with Parkinson go?" Fred finished. "She got detention and I got 20 points!" I smiled. I noticed that I was five minutes late and the most I've gotten away with was 10 ( my second day) so I had to leave. I waved at Fred and George and ran to potions.
  8. I arrived in the dark dungeons at the 9 minute mark. "Morning, Professor," I greeted. "Miss _{last name}_, you're late. Take a seat," Snape said. I nodded with a falsely apologetic look on my face and sat at the only empty seat, next to Hermione. "Hi," I whispered. She nodded with a smile. "Why you late?" Ron asked. "Cuz I can," I answered simply. "No talking, Mr. Weasley. Ten points from Gryffindor," Snape snapped. My hand bolted in the air. "Yes?" Snape answered. "He wasn't talking," I said simply. "Who was?" "Me," I answered proudly. "Alright, points reinstated to Gryffindor. Five points for your honesty, Miss _{your last name}_," Snape told me. I nodded and looked down at my potions book. "Thanks," Ron hissed. "Anytime," I whispered. I began to brew my potion, it was an antidote for most poisons. 'Must be to get rid of people like Parkinson,' I thought and chuckled lightly. "Might I ask what is so funny, Miss _{your last name}_?" Snape asked. "Sorry, Professor. I was thinking about something," I answered embarrassed. "What were you thinking of?" Snape asked. Uh-oh, this was the last thing I wanted to answer. "We're making an antidote for common poisons. I was just thinking about how this potions seems to be able to get rid of certain people," I answered. "Like mudbloods, and blood traitors?" Pansy asked with a snicker. "Yes! In particular: YOU," I answered coyly. "Stupef"”" she started as she grabbed her wand and pointed it at me. "Protego," I said calmly and pointed my own wand in between us. I lost my concentration a few seconds later and she tried again. "Rictushemp-" she began. "Impedimenta!" I said angrily and watched in hilarity as Pansy toppled out of her chair. Needless to say"”since I DID NOT start it and defended myself and friends"”I got two weeks worth of detentions. "That is SO not fair! Parkinson started it!" Harry defended. "Mr. Potter, you will join her in detention," Snape dismissed. "Professor, he didn't do anything! He's showing his Gryffindor pride by saying what is RIGHT!" I whined. "Miss _{your last name}_, hold your tongue for once in your life!" He snarled. "Of course, Professor! I'm going to walk around like this all day!" I said sarcastically as I literally held my tongue. "No Hogsmead trip, Miss _{last name}_, detention for the next month, and you are to cook with the house-elves for the next month!" Snape snarled. "Guess I've got nothing more to lose," I smiled. "Wingardium Leviosa," I smiled and levitated my cauldron over my head. "If you drop that potion you will be expelled!" Snape snarled. "Not if I have anything to say about it," Dumbledore had walked in. I dropped the closed cauldron and caught it with ease. "Harry and _{your first name}_, you are in no trouble other than a loss of fifty points. Please leave," he instructed us. "Thanks, Dumbledore," I whispered to him as Harry and I passed. Dumbledore nodded kindly toward me as I left the dungeon classroom. "That was bloody brilliant!" Harry praised once they were out of earshot. "Thanks! Felt good, too," I smiled. "I told you I'd see you later!" I shoved him lightly. He chuckled and said I did. "After everything you did in there, how are you NOT a Gryffindor?" He asked me. "Family. My family has a thing about the other houses. I practically begged to be a Slytherin! If I had been put in Gryffindor they would have done what the caretaker likes to do for detentions, hang me by my thumbs in the dungeon," I regaled. Harry nodded and said it was awful. I nodded and looked at the ground awkwardly. We walked until we were at Gryffindor Tower. "Huh? My feet just carry me, I guess," Harry said awkwardly. "Huh, guess so. I've never been here," I said curiously. "Wanna come in?" Harry asked me. I nodded and covered my ears as Harry said the password.
  9. I walked in and gasped. "Woah! There's light and it isn't freezing! And the dorms are upstairs!" I marveled. Harry chuckled and walked to the scarlet couch. He jumped onto the couch and propped his legs on the coffee table. "And it's all so red and not green and gothic!" I marveled. "Red's always been my favorite color,". I commented as I sat next to him. Harry nodded, "Mine's always been orange." "Then you must love Ron's room!" I commented and propped my feet up as well. Harry rolled his forest green eyes and laughed. "So what was Beauxbatons like?" Harry asked. "AWFUL! I wanted to come here ever since I was 9. My being half Veela and of French descendant didn't give me any choice as to which school I attended," I said sadly. "Then how did you get here?" "Madame Maxime, our headmistress, expelled me. Said I was unfit for her school and unladylike because I punched a wall. I was mad because one of my Professors gave me detention because I had forgotten to put my hair up. Pathetic," I answered with an eye roll. The two of us sat there until lunch: talking about out adventures, likes, dislikes, and things like that.
  10. What'd ya think? I tried to get most of the guys in here and a LOT of drama in this one! My fav color actually is red so that's why I added that bit of info. First person is much easier to write and I can stay true to myself! It's also easier to distinguish this series form the others of its in first person. I think I might keep it that way. If you liked them better in second person tell me in the comments! Accio results!

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