Your Strange Life at Hogwarts (Part 9)

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Hey guys, I am FINALLY back!! Yay!!!! Anyway, I'm sorry for not posting in this series, but I was rather busy. I've had school, I was transferring all of my previous quizzes (other than shoutouts, opinions, and Life and Love at Hogwarts), thinking of whether I should restart that series or not, and I was planning my 'wedding.' You can find something about my 'wedding' (My Harry Potter fantasy!) and a quiz for my plans of Life and Love at Hogwarts on my account page! Also, results and options are lame! Thanks!

Recap: you got the dark mark, and everyone hates you; other than Slytherins, Tatyana, and Hermione. Dumbledore is having Snape get rid of it for you. The death eaters wish for you to make Harry an easy target which you don't want to do; even though he hates you at the moment. Accio quiz!

Created by: Pyra Potter

  1. "Miss ______ you are to be seated with Mr. Malfoy," Professor Snape told you as you entered the dungeon. You nodded silently and took your things next to Draco. "Hi, Draco," you sighed as you sat down. "What's wrong __{your name}__?" He asked. 'I'm seated behind Harry and Ron: two people who absolutely hate me at the moment,' you thought. "Just bare with me? Next to me and the mudblo"”" Draco started. "That 'mudblood' happens to be my BEST FRIEND. She is twenty times smarter and cooler than you could ever hope to be, and she doesn't have to bribe people to be her friend! Now, if you don't mind, lay off her or I will embarrass you in more ways than one!" You spat. Malfoy looked appalled by your outburst while you were quite proud of yourself. You smirked and went about making your potion, boil cure. After ten minutes of billywig stings and snake fangs your potion was as perfect as you could manage. It wasn't the sky blue that it was supposed to be, but it was still blue! Unlike Neville who, as always, was being intimidated by Snape. You, trying to keep as many friends as possible, helped him out. Neville was being threatened by detention because his potion was a sickly yellow. To distract attention from your classmate you turned up the flame amount on your potion 'accidentally-on-purpose', causing it to explode and melt your cauldron. "EEP!" You shouted convincingly as you turned away from the cauldron and covered your face, giving Hermione enough time to correct Neville. "Miss _____, five points from Gryffindor and detention tomorrow night. Mr. Malfoy, I suggest you help Miss _____ in the future with melting her cauldron," Snape told you as he returned to criticize Neville for his potion was a teal now. "What was THAT?" Draco whispered. "It's called being a friend. You should try it sometime!" You hissed. "No talking," Professor Snape directed the class as he gave Neville an 'A' for Acceptable because it was better than 'he' normally did. Hermione flashed you a small smile and returned to lecture Neville on what he had done wrong. In other words: most of it. Potions class was over rather quickly and it was time for History of Magic with Ravenclaws.
  2. You didn't wait for Hermione as usual, not wanting to be criticized for your 'marking', and went directly toward the classroom. Once you arrived in the dimly lit classroom you were already prepared to sleep. You took your seat at the back of the class and opened your textbook. You were the first one to arrive in class, so you patiently face planted in your book. Unfortunately, Ron sat next to you in this class. You saw the ginger come in, look at you, roll his blue eyes, and talk to Professor Binns. It was quite clear that he had asked permission to move, but his request was denied. The now-angry ginger sat beside you with an annoyed 'huff.' "Nice to see you, too," you sarcastically remarked to the 11 year old. Ron just rolled his eyes and flipped to the center of his textbook. You pulled a red turkey quill from you bag and sucked on the nib. "Sugar quill?" Ron asked. You were shocked by this because it was the first time in weeks that he'd talked to you. "No, quick-quotes quill. It takes notes for me. It's very useful in this class so I can catch up on homework and sleep. Although, I do have a few sugar quills if you want one," you answered as you allowed the quill to write on its own. Ron nodded with a hint of a smile on his pale face. You dug through your bag and pulled out a few bags of sugar quills. "Pass one to Harry, will you?" You whispered as you handed Ron a couple of the candies. Ron nodded and tapped his friend in the shoulder. Harry, sitting right in front of Ron and nearly asleep, whipped around to face his friend. Ron handed him a sugar quill and he took it graciously. While Ron was giving Harry a sugar quill you had given one to Hermione. She took the quill and handed you a small slip of paper, which you took cautiously. It was from Neville! '______, thanks for potions. I would have gotten a "T" if you hadn't "accidentally" blown up your cauldron! I believe you and I'm sorry others don't! Good luck, Neville.' It said. You smiled to yourself and laid your head on your textbook.
  3. {Dream} You were in your mum's old house with your dark mark rather visible. You heard a knock on the oak door. You cautiously made your way to the door and opened it. It was the man you didn't recognize. "Who- who are you?" You asked as you pointed your wand at him. The man put his hands up in surrender and swept his black hair from his face. He was a good six feet tall, had shaggy black hair to his shoulders, and blue eyes. He also seemed depressed and as if he hadn't seen sunlight in ten years. "Sirius Black," the man answered. You were scared out of your mind, Sirius Black was a murderer in Azkaban! "What do you want?!" You asked as you held your wand to him with more confidence than you felt. "Put the wand down, ________. I'm not as bad as people say. Besides, I don't even have my wand. Now, may I came in?" He said calmly. You cautiously put your wand down and stepped from the door, allowing your 'visitor' to enter. "Thank you. Oh, how I miss this place. Your mother was quite a joy! She would always attempt to talk James, Remus, and I out of our antics but ended up joining when she knew she couldn't. You remind me a lot of her. She was quite cautious with criminals and her wand was her first choice as a weapon as well! Well, as much as I fancied your mother this isn't why I came here," Sirius regaled as he sat on the black love seat. You were laughing in your mind that Sirius had fancied your mother but couldn't resist asking, "Then why are you here?" "I'm here because I don't want you to go down the same path as your father! I'm here because you have 'that,'" Sirius told you as he pointed toward your left arm. "Okay. So how can you help me?" You asked with a bit of sass in your voice. "So much like your mother,' he whispered. "Just.........wear this. Okay?" He answered as he handed you a small black locket with a silver shield on its surface. "Okay? But I don't know how it's going to help," you said as everything whirled around you.
  4. {Awake} "Miss ________! Miss ________! Wake up!" Professor Binns shouted. "Sorry, professor," you said embarrassed as you awoke. "Normally I don't mind your sleeping in my class, but Professor Snape needs you!" The ghost said and gestured toward the potion's master at the door. "Of course, Professor," you said and packed your things. "Watch my quill, will you?" You whispered to Ron. He nodded, "As long as I can use your notes later," he smiled. You knew that you had another person believing you. You nodded and walked to Professor Snape. "Do you always sleep in that class?" Snape asked as you walked to the dungeons. "Didn't you? Although, sometimes I work on missing homework," you answered. "No, I did not! Mostly because I wanted to pass my OWLs," he answered. "I have a quill that takes notes for me so I can read them when I'm bored," you said. Snape nodded and continued walking. You arrived at his office minutes later. "What did you need me for, Professor?" You asked once you arrived in his office. "Sit," he order while gesturing toward the chair in front of his desk. Once you sat something pinched you. You reached into the pocket of your robes and pulled out the locket that Sirius had given you. "Wicked," you breathed as you put the necklace on. "Miss _______, it has come to my attention that you have told more than one student of the fact that death eaters can invade your mind," Snape told you in his deep monotone as he sat behind his desk. You nodded, feeling as though you had done something wrong. "I need you to never bring that fact to surface again." "Why, Professor?" You asked timidly. "Miss _______, the more this information is given, the more likely it is that the same thing will happen to them," he calmly explained. "Oh," your face fell. You suddenly felt a tug on your hair. "OW!" You shouted as you noticed that Snape had pulled out your hair. He didn't take notice and stride over to the corner of your office. "Mind telling me why you yanked my hair out?" You asked. "Do you want to get rid of your 'tattoo' or not?" He asked. You fell silent until you were dismissed. "Oh, Professor?" You asked. "Yes?" "I was just you got that gash on your leg? I know it wasn't by the troll," You had told Hermione you would spy. "Just stay away from the third floor corridor and you'll never know," he answered. You had your information but had to ask, "Why were you up there, Professor?" "Thieving is not your friend. Remember that," was all he said. You nodded, thanked your teacher, and left to tell Hermione what you learned. It had been a month since you had received your mark and you were getting more grief each day.
  5. "Hermione!" You shouted to her in the Great Hall later that day. She stopped and told Ron and Harry to go on. "Yeah?" She asked once you had caught up with her. "Snape," you said quickly. "Oh!" Hermione said and dragged you into an empty classroom. "What about him? Did you snoop around?" She asked as she sat on a vacant desk. "A bit," you said with an evil gleam in your _{eye color}_ eyes. "And?" She prompted. "It doesn't look too good. He said that he got the cut on his leg from something on the third floor, Fluffy"”obviously. And when I asked him why he was up there he said, "Thieving is not your friend." I hate to admit it, but I think Harry's right," you said. Hermione jumped up, thanked you, and ran off to tell Harry what she had learned. Suddenly the door to the empty room opened and in walked a third year Hufflepuff. "Hi?" You said cautiously as you gripped your left forearm, even though your robe sleeve covered the mark sufficiently. "Hi. You must be the infamous _{your name}_," he answered. "Unfortunately. Who are you?" You answered. "Cedric Diggory," he answered. You nodded and shook the hand he offered you. "Feels good to have someone that you hadn't known NOT hate you for no reason," you joked. "Us Hufflepuffs are a rather friendly bunch," he joked. You nodded as a smile spread across your face. The two of you talked for about an hour. Your topics: What Hogsmead was like, What fighting the troll was like, and Quidditch. After chatting for a while about this, that, and the other it was time for lunch. "I missed Herbology!" You whined as Hermione found you where she had left you. "We didn't do anything, don't worry," she assured you. Nothing happened at lunch other than Snape taking another piece of your hair for your potion. Sometimes you joked and thought that he was making polyjuice potion. "Ow,'' you whispered as he left.
  6. Nothing happened for the rest of the day so I'm skipping to tonight
  7. "I'll see you later, _______. We're going to Hagrid's for a little bit to ask about the Sorcerer's Stone," Hermione told you. You had been told that Fluffy was guarding the stone and that Snape was trying to steal it. You nodded as you watched Hermione dash off. It was after hours, but you knew that Hermione knew what she was doing. You decided to roam the castle for some peace and quiet. You put on your slippers, grabbed your wand, and left the first year dorm. You defended the stairs and left the common room. You tried not to wake the Fat Lady"”luckily you didn't. You walked through corridor after corridor only meeting Filch's cat. "What are you doin' up?" Filch demanded of you. Once you had heard him coming you had made yourself look as if you were sleep walking. You began to 'stir' at the sound of his voice. You gave a false yawn, rubbed your eyes, as answered "Sleep walking, sir." Filch nodded and told you to get back to your dorm. You nodded, but didn't intend to return to be just yet. The bracelet that Draco had given you began to slither, signaling that Draco was up as well. You walked toward your common room until you saw his bleach blond hair running for the grounds. 'He's going to get them in trouble!' You thought and raced after him, being sure to hide in the shadows in case your suspicions were wrong. They weren't. Draco made a B-line to Hagrid's hut in which you followed. He peered through the window and you pulled him down by the hem of his robes. "What are you doing?" You hissed. "Getting Saint Potter in trouble. And that oaf for having a pet dragon," he happily answered and bolted toward the castle. You quickly knocked on Hagrid's door and waited impatiently for it to open. When he did you didn't bother for a greeting. "We have a small problem," you said to no one in particular. "How small?" Hermione asked. "A Malfoy problem. He's off to rat you out. You too, Hagrid," you explained. The golden trio threw a cloak over themselves immediately and became invisible. You didn't bother to ask and instead told Hagrid good luck with the dragon and bolted toward the castle, being sure to wipe away your foot prints. When you arrived at the Entrance Hall the golden trio became visible once more. "Thanks, _______. We owe you one," Harry told you. "Just believe me and I'll call it even," you answered. Harry nodded and you saw McGonnagle rounding the corner. "Teacher," you hissed. They didn't have time to throw the cloak over themselves before Professor McGonnagle saw them. "Professor, I got them up. I made them come out here," you easily lied. "That may be Miss ______, but your classmates should have known better than to be up after hours. However, I'll give you 30 points for honesty," she said. "Yes, Professor," you acted ashamed but smiled as she turned away from you. "Now, you four, to my office," she ordered as Draco stepped from behind her. The four of you nodded in unison and followed the teacher. "Nothing! I repeat, nothing, gives a student permission to walk about the school at night!" She began once everyone was in her office. You nodded slightly. "Now, fifty points will be taken from each of you. And the five of you shall receive detention," she said. "My apologies Professor, perhaps I heard you wrong, but I thought you said the five of us?" Draco said in disbelief. "You heard me correctly, Mr. Malfoy. As noble as your intentions were you, too were up after hours. You will join your classmates in detention." The Gryffindors smirked at him. "Professor? When is our detention?" You asked. "Tomorrow night." "Professor, could you make it the night after tomorrow? I have detention with Snape tomorrow," you explained. McGonnagle nodded and sent you all back to your dorms.
  8. "Thanks a million, _______!" Ron told you. "Yeah, if you hadn't said it was your fault we would have lost 250 points, instead of 220!" Harry chimed. "Thanks, guys. Well, I'll leave you guys to your adventure while I deal with hatred for the next few days," you sighed. "What do you mean?" Hermione asked. "You guys go on with your Sorcerer's stone adventure and I'll deal with my death eater one until I can get this off," you explained sadly. "No!" Ron said adamantly as the three blocked your path. "Don't you guys hate me?" "Not since potions. No bad person would take detention to help a friend out of it," Harry said. You smiled. "How can I help?" You asked excitedly. "We need some help. How many first years could fend off a three headed dog on their own? Besides, you proved yourself with that troll," Hermione told you. "I didn't do anything other than duck!" "Exactly, you followed our directions and kept out of the way. It would've been much harder if he had to keep an eye on you, Hermione, and the troll. Besides, it broke your wand!" Ron said. "I'll be glad to help!" You smiled and walked to your dorm with your friends.
  9. Hey guys! I know this is short, but Oh well! I was trying to get it out ASAP! After all you HAVE been waiting for weeks! Please go to my page and read 'My Harry Potter fantasy!' and 'Life and Love at Hogwarts (LISTEN)' Thanks! Comment/rate/polls the usuals. Accio Lame Results!

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