Your Strange Life at Hogwarts (PART 10)

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Part ten! Lucky double digits, yay!!!! Anyway, I think that this will be your two detentions and chances are that it will be longer than most. I hope you like it, I'm super excited for it! Also, I have no time limit for commenting! Comment as early as you want or as late as you want! I'm fine, just comment so I know who takes my quizzes! Accio recap!

Recap: You got detention from Snape for melting your cauldron, and detention from McGonnagle for being up after hours. You have the Golden Trio as your friends along with Neville and Cedric Diggory. Also, Snape had been pulling out your hair and you got a protective locket from Sirius Black. You also found out that Sirius had a thing for your mum. ;) O_o

Created by: Pyra Potter
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  1. You awoke the next day to the sounds of birds and sunshine. Gryffindor tower was the best place to wake up in your mind, second being Ravenclaw tower. You yawned and rubbed the sleep out of your eyes. "Morning," you yawned to Hermione who yawned as well. "Morning," she responded tiredly. You nodded and stood hastily from your scarlet four-poster bed. You walked straight to the window and looked outside, a clear day with blue skies and puffy white clouds here and there. You sighed happily and walked to the washroom. It smelled of roses for once! After you had showered, dressed, and everything else you left for the common room. Once there you saw Ron, Harry, and Hermione already there. "Hey, guys!" You greeted the Gryffindors as you sat across from them. "Hey, ______!" Hermione answered. "Sup!" Ron replied with a head nod. In response you rolled your eyes. "Morning," Harry answered. "I've got detention with Snape today so I can snoop around if you want," you offered. Harry nodded, making his jet black hair as messy as ever. You laughed at this until Hermione gave you a cold look. You laughed at nothing while trying to say "Too much Firewhiskey!" Ron and Harry nearly busted a gut from laughing at this. "Well it's Saturday, and Harry's Quidditch match isn't until noon and my detention is tonight, anybody wanna play truth or dare?" You asked your friends. They all nodded. "Who picks first?" Hermione asked. Ron said he'd pick. "Harry, truth or dare?" The ginger asked his best friend. He pondered for a moment and settled on dare. "Okay, I dare you to eat a handful of the nastiest Bertie Bott's every flavor beans that are in this pack," Ron said while he pulled out a box of beans. Harry nodded as Ron picked out six: vomit, bogey, spinach, liver, tripe, and sheep's stomach. "All at once," Ron instructed as he handed the beans to a sick looking Harry. He nodded greenly as he popped the handful in his mouth and swallowed. He turned green and ran to the window. He sort of coughed up the beans out the window—to put it mildly. "Aguamenti," you whispered at a goblet behind you. The glass cup filled to the brim of clear, cold, pure, and delicious water. You took the cup carefully and walked to the no-longer-vomiting Harry. "Here," you whispered and handed him the glass. He thanked you in a whisper and gulped the water down as you heard a splash from below. 'Didn't know we were THAT high up!' You thought as you supported Harry back to the couch. "Here go, mate," Ron told his friend and handed him a teal bean. "Go on! It's mint, your breath wreaks!" Ron laughed. Harry popped the bean in his mouth as color returned to his face. "Okay, _______. Truth or dare?" Your raven haired friend asked. "Dare," you said without a seconds hesitation. "I dare you to stand on the coffee table and yell exactly what you're feeling RIGHT NOW," Harry instructed. What are you feeling?
  2. No matter what you picked that's not what you did. You, being a daredevil, took it a step higher. You stood on the coffee table and called everyone to attention. They were still a little fuzzy about your being a death eater but you didn't mind. You were gonna make them bust a gut! "This is how I feel, right now!!" You said and cleared your throat. You got the tune of 'sexy and I know it' into your head. To the tune of 'sexy and I know it' you said, "When I walk down the street, this is what I see. Voldemort stops and is staring at me. I got dungbombs in my hands and I ain't afraid to throw 'em, throw 'em! I'm ______ and you know it!" Everyone busted out laughing and they all gasped when you said 'Voldemort'. You took a comical now and stepped from the coffee table. Harry, Ron, and Hermione stared at you in awe. "Best," Harry said. "Dare," Ron continued. "Ever!" They finished in unisons. You smiled and chuckled while Hermione rolled her eyes. "What?!" You asked defensively. "That," she said simply. "I've told you before, Hermione. I'm weird and a daredevil," you said simply and leaned against the wooden coffee table. Ron and Harry were shocked by this as well and Hermione, once again, rolled her eyes. "Hermione, truth or dare?" You asked. "Truth," she said after thinking of the possible dares. You rolled your eyes and thought. "Is it true that you won't pick a dare this game?" You asked. "Probably not," she answered. You nodded as she moved to Ron. He picked dare. "I dare you to scream like a girl and flop on the floor," Hermione said maliciously. "Now THAT'S a dare!" You smiled as Ron turned pink and nodded. He screamed at the top of his lungs and fell backwards onto the stairs to the boys' dorms. The four of you busted out laughing with the rest of the Gryffindors. You walked over to the ginger and offered a helping hand. "Get up your blocking the third years!" You joked as you pulled him to his feet. "Yeah you're blocking the third years!" Two voices chorused. Fred and George. "Hey Fred, George!" You greeted the identical Gryffindors. "Hey, sweet dare by the way!" Fred praised. "Yeah, I've got it stuck in my head!" George finished as he hummed your version of 'sexy and I know it.' "Thanks! It's a parody of a muggle song," you explained. "What's the original?" Ron asked. "It's called 'sexy and I know it'!" You laughed. Ron laughed with an embarrassed look on his face that said 'I knew better than to ask'. You rolled your ______ eyes and went to sit back down. Ron sat across from you and asked Harry which he wants. He picked truth this time. "Is it true that you'd rather die from a freak accident than helping someone?" He asked. Harry shook his head. "______, truth or dare?" "Dare," you answered immediately. Harry whispered your dare in your ear. When he moved back you nodded and stood up. "Follow," you sweetly ordered your friends.
  3. They obliged and you all left the common room through the portrait hole. "I don't understand why that's the dare you want me to do, but I'll do it," you sighed as you walked down to the Great Hall. The room was full to bursting! Every house table was nearly full. You told your three friends to wait for you as you walked to the Hufflepuff table. "Hi, Cedric," you greeted your third year friend. "Hey, ______," the chestnut boy responded. "Can I talk to you for a minute?" You asked. He nodded, told his friends he'd be right back, and followed you to the hallway where Harry, Ron, and Hermione were waiting. "Cedric, before I do this I need you to know that I don't mean any of it. I was dared to do this, okay?" You explained. He nodded. You took a deep breath then kissed him. (Me: I know that you're only 11, but it's the dare) You both turned bright pink. "Now, Harry. I'd better get a handful of galleons for that!" You joked after a second. "Sorry, Ced. I'm a daredevil and I was dared to kiss someone I just met. That's you," you explained as Cedric turned a deep red. He nodded. "Forgive me?" You asked. "Anytime," he responded as he left to resume breakfast. "I didn't think you'd do it!" Harry said impressed as he fished around in his pockets. "What part of 'daredevil' do you not understand?" You joked as Harry pulled out a couple of galleons. "I don't want 'em. I just said that to make things a little less awkward," you waved dismissively. Harry nodded and put the coins back into his pocket after handing Ron a few. "Let's take a break and eat!" Ron said predictably.
  4. You all nodded in agreement and sat at the Gryffindor table. You ate until you were stuffed. You ate toast, ham, bacon, cereal, crepes, and waffles. "I've to go fix something," you said after about five minutes of you being stuffed. Harry nodded with a quizzical look on his face while Hermione and Ron just nodded. You waved and walked to the Slytherin table. The closer you got the more your bracelet slithered. "Draco," you greeted the platinum blond. "_{your first name}_," he replied. "You're not still cross with me are you?" You asked. "It was only last night, but no," he answered as sincerity creeped into his grey eyes. "Thanks!" You said happily and turned around. "_{first name}_! Wait up, come sit," Draco said and patted the vacant seat next to him. "Wasn't Parkinson sitting there?" You asked. Draco nodded and you smiled as you took the seat. "Good, because I hate her and I LOVE to see her mad!" You remarked to the first year. Draco laughed a genuine laugh! "I've never heard you laugh! I like it," you said sincerely. "Thanks. I don't usually have a reason to laugh," he responded. You felt someone pull your hair and your first thought was Snape, but you knew that Snape had gotten all the hair that he needed yesterday. You yanked your hair out of the person's grasp and turned to see Parkinson. Her olive skin, green eyes, and raven hair were easy to distinguish. "Can I help you?" You asked. "Yes! You can move," she said irritably. "No, I don't think I can," you replied smartly. "It's easy! Just step away from the table!" She answered with attitude. "What? Am I supposed to take the bench with me?" You asked. "No! You leave and go hang with the mudbloods!" She told you. "I'm sorry, but I don't think that I'd like to hang out with you," you replied. "You ugly, good for nothing, slime ball!" She replied lamely. "Draco, why didn't you tell me there was a mirror on my face?" You retorted. Parkinson squealed and yanked your ______ hair. "Shove off, Parkinson," you told her and continued to talk to Draco in your mind. 'This so fun!' You sent to him as Parkinson fumed to the other end of the table. 'Fun to watch, too!' Draco answered telepathically. Once Parkinson was out of ear shot you busted out laughing at what just happened. You noticed that it was nearly noon and told Draco you had to leave. He waved and you left. "I just ticked Parkinson off!" You smiled once you caught up with the golden trio. "What'd you do?" Ron asked. "I was being smart with her and then she told me to hang out with the mudbloods. I told her that I didn't want to hang out with her. Then she called me an ugly slime ball and I asked why I have a mirror on my face," you regaled with a happy sigh. Harry was about to ask something but was swept away by the Quidditch team. You saw his raven hair engulfed in scarlet as you continued walking to your common room. "GOOD LUCK, HARRY!" You shouted to him. Oliver, the fifth year Quidditch captain, walked up to you. "We're gonna need your help. Angelina got a bludger to the stomach and is in the hospital wing. You coming?" Oliver explained. "Be out in a minute," you told him happily.
  5. After telling Hermione and Ron that you'd be fine you raced to the Quidditch pitch already dressed because you knew you wouldn't have much time to spare. "Where is she?" Oliver wondered anxiously. "The match doesn't start for five minutes! Give her time," Katie replied. "I'm right here!" You stated as you walked into the tent. "_______?!? You're playing?" Asked a bewildered Harry. "Yeah, I'm a backup chaser and Angelina isn't here so I can play!" You squealed. Harry told you good luck and to watch for bludgers. You replied in kind as you were told to follow Oliver onto the pitch. You followed the fifth year and saw the Ravenclaw team doing the same. You smiled as you saw the beaters: seemingly no aim about them. You had been going to Quidditch practice so you knew what to do. Madame Hooch released the quaffle and Alicia Spinet took it with quite ease. She made it to the goal posts before being hit with a bludger. She dropped the quaffle and you saved it before the Ravenclaw chaser. You dodged two bludgers and heard a 'psst' from below. It was Katie. Another Ravenclaw chaser was right behind you so you dropped the quaffle to Katie. Katie made the goal! You made the next goal in five minutes: after George knocked the oldest Ravenclaw out of the sky. The quaffle soared straight through the left hoop, after feinting right. Gryffindor won quite easily after that: you scoring a quarter of the points. The final score was G-270/R-90. That night you all had a party in Gryffindor tower (you always did when Gryffindor won a match) and you were allowed to go this time! You talked to pretty much everyone! The twins dropped a water balloon on you, so you filled a bucket with ice cold butterbeer and dunked them. In the midst of their conversation they said "Heeeeeyyyyy?!" In unisons and chased you around the common room. "You know that you're gonna have to wash-yipe *duck*-that off or you're gonna be super sticky, right?" You asked as you ran from them. They said they'd do it later and continued to chase you. You surrendered five minutes later because they had gotten Peeves to chase you. "Death eater _{last name}_! Tut tut. _{first name}_ is such a sl—," he said as he dropped water balloons on your head. "Shove off!" You cut off the poltergeist and held your hands in surrender. "Peeves, not THAT far!" Fred scolded the ghost. "Yeah! We told you to drop water balloons on her head not call her THAT!" George finished. You laughed and dried yourself with a spell. "Okay, you got the last word. Happy now?" You asked as you pulled your previously sopping hair out of your face. "Very!" The twins chorused. You rolled your ______ eyes and looked at the clock. 7:45. You'd be late for Snape! "Bye!" You yelled to the room and bolted to the dungeons. You ran right into Cedric Diggory and fell backward. "Ow!" You complained. "Where you going in such a hurry?" He asked as he offered you his hand. You took it graciously and he pulled you to your feet. "Detention," you explained simply. "Who?" "Snape." "Then you'd better get going!" "Bye, Ced!" You waved and ran to the dungeons.
  6. You arrived at the dungeons at three till eight. You knocked on the door. Snape told you to come in and you obliged. "What's my detention, professor?" You asked as you sat at a desk. "Questioning. Then organizing," he answered. "Questioning? That doesn't sound too bad!" You said. "The questions are not hard, but the punishment for lying is," Snape told you as he stood from his desk. You nodded, unsure of what else to do. "Do you still have these dreams?" He asked. "No, sir," you answered. "When did they stop?" Snape asked as he brushed his thick, greasy black hair out of his pale face. "In history of magic. When you came to get me," you answered. Snape nodded and pursed his lips. "Is there a known reason as to why your dreams have stopped?" He asked. "Yes," you answered. "And? What is it?" He asked. "This," you said and showed him the locket around your neck. "And where, Miss ______, did you get that?" He asked. "If I told you, you wouldn't believe me," you answered. "Where did you get it?" He repeated. "A dream," you answered vaguely. Snape scoffed, "Things given in dreams cannot enter the physical world, Miss ______!" "Tell my dreams that!" You snapped. "The punishment for lying is that you are to be Mr. Filch's personal assistant for the next week," Snape told you. You didn't move. "Go on then!" He ordered. "I don't have to, Professor," you told him and crossed your arms stubbornly. "Why is that, Miss ______?" He asked irritably. "Because, I don't have to do a punishment for something I didn't do," you explained as if he were a child. "So much like your mother. Let's just say that I somehow believe this ludicrous story of how you came in possession of this locket. Who gave it to you?" Snape sighed. "I cannot say," you answered. "Why not?" "It's a secret." Snape sighed, clearly aggravated and decided better than to ask. "Alright then. For this last question I will need to use Veritaserum," Snape said and bustled about his stores. "Isn't the use of Veritaserum on a student forbidden?" You asked worriedly. "There are situations in which exceptions can be made," he answered as his hand hovered over a black bottle with a rune on it.
  7. You were a tad worried of what he would ask you, but kept the fear well hidden. "Drink," Snape ordered and handed you a golden goblet full of pumpkin juice and the potion. "Cheers," you strained as you tipped the goblet to your lips. You took one gulp and dropped the goblet. It felt as though you were being strangled! "Miss ______, what is it that the Dark Lord has requested of you?" "Isn't that what death eaters call him?" "Answer!" "Voldemort's requested nothing of me!" "What have the death eaters asked then?" "They want me to make him an easy target!" "Who?" "Harry!" You cried in a strained, high voice. "How?" "They want me to make Harry as vulnerable as possible by turning his friends against him and they want me to hand Voldemort the sorcerer's stone! I won't do it!" You cried. "You know about the stone?" Snape asked astonished. You fought against the potion, "What about it? I just know that they want me to take it!" "Never mind that! Get to work organizing!" Snape ordered and waved his wand. The effects of the potion ceased and you could breathe once more. You saw a brown box full of old records that had once been alphabetical. You sat at the desk on which the box was positioned. You pulled out your wand and began to sort with magic. "What are you doing?" Snape asked. "Organizing," you replied with a smart attitude. "You're not supposed to do it that way," he told you. "You said nothing about the use of magic for my task," you told him. "It is common sense!" Snape tale you. "I, for one, cannot do which I have no knowledge of," you told him as you lazily flicked your wand sending the 'C' documents into a pile. "You have knowledge of it now," Snape said with a hint of sass in his usual mono-tonic voice. "Meh meh meh meh meh meh meh," you said in a childish whisper as you crossed your eyes. "So much like her mother," Snape whispered. Curiosity got the best of you so you accidentally placed an 'O' file in a 'Z' pile. "What was my mother like?" You asked irritably. "Your mother was a wonderful witch and your fortunate enough to be just like her. That's all you need to know," Snape answered. "I want to know everything!" You ordered. "I'll not tell you," he answered. "You're a teacher! It's your JOB to answer a student's questions!" You pointed out. "If they relate to my subject," he answered. It was 10:00 and you were to leave. "Bye, Professor," you said sarcastically while grabbing your bag and thinking 'the unhelpful, greasy haired git!' You left without dismissal. "Wait!" Snape called after you. You skulked back into the office and sighed, "What?" "Your potion. It's ready," Snape told you.
  8. You smiled and squealed. "Here," Snape handed you a mug full of a swirling, silvery reddish liquid. "Drink," he instructed as he handed you the mug. You nodded worriedly. "It will hurt so you may want to sit," Snape warned. You nodded and sat on the nearest chair. Snape told you to drink once more as he held your left arm in place with his right hand and your body with his left. His right hand was pushing your exposed forearm onto the wood while his left was pushing you against the back of the chair through your shoulder. You lifted the mug to your mouth a took a sip. A blistering pain shot through your forearm. You looked at the dark mark to find a small burn mark near the head of the snake. "I've to drink it all?" You asked. Snape nodded. You took a large gulp and felt as though your arm was exposed to the depths of a roaring fire. You were crying now and your arm was bleeding. You only had a few more gulps to go. You took another large swallow as your arm burst with more red liquid. Snape took the mug from you and said, "We'll wait a few minutes before taking the rest or you'll burn your arm off." "Professor, I think it's better if I take it all now because I'm starting to feel a bit dizzy." You told the potion's master. He nodded and gave you the remains of the potion. Your arm felt as though you'd thrown it to the sun now! You wanted to scream and cry in pain but knew better than to do so. You just clenched your eyes shut between drinks and continued on. After ten minutes of bleeding and burning torture you were finished. You thanked Professor Snape and left to the Gryffindor common room. Your forearm was stained red and had a huge burn mark where the Dark Mark had previously been.
  9. After you past the third staircase you felt extremely dizzy. "Nick!" You shouted to the passing ghost of Gryffindor. "Ah, miss ______! How are things?" The ghost asked. "Not good, Nick. Please call me _______. Do you think you could tell Fred and George where I'm at?" You asked quickly. "Of course," he said skeptically and floated off as you slid down the wall. You tried your hardest to remain conscious until he returned with the twins. "Thanks, Nick!" You told him hazily. "Any time, ______!" He responded and drifted through the wall. "Why'd you—" Fred started. "Need us?" George finished. "Can you help me get to the hospital wing? I can barely stand," you told them. The gingers nodded and pulled you to your feet. "And tell Madame Pomfrey to do NOTHING to my left arm, will you?" You asked as the third years supported you. "Yeah," George answered. "Why?" Fred asked. You showed them your arm. They gasped. "You got it off?" Fred asked astonished. You nodded as your eyes crossed and your legs turned to jelly. "How?" George asked. "Sna—" was all you said before the world went black. You awoke the next morning to a room with a high ceiling and white washed walls. "Where?" You moaned and turned your head. You saw several white beds to either side of you. You were in the hospital wing! You looked at your left arm to find it as you had requested: blood covered and burn marks. You didn't know why but the sight comforted you. Most people would be disgusted by it, but you weren't most people. "Oh, you're awake! Fred and George said to do nothing with your arm, I don't know why. Now, what did they do?" Madame Pomfrey bustled. "The twins? Nothing, they just helped me down here. I requested them to tell you to leave my arm alone. I just passed out from blood loss is all," you answered and sat up. "Well, you seem fine! You may go," the nurse told you after a brief inspection. "Thanks," you said hazily and stood up with the help of the nurse. You left for the Great Hall, ignoring anyone you passed by. You walked to the Gryffindor table in least than two minutes from the hospital wing without realizing it! Your first destination was the left end of the table. "Hey Fred! George!" You greeted the twins. "______!" They said surprised as they whipped around. "The one and only!" You said with a jocular bow. "Are you okay?" George asked. "I'm fine," you answered. "Why'd you pass out?" Asked Fred. "Blood loss. Getting of a dark mark is so painful!" You whispered. They nodded and returned to their conversation with Lee Jordan as you joined the Golden Trio. "Hey guys!" You greeted them. "Hey, Elentiya!" Harry answered. You smiled as Hermione and Ron were completely oblivious. "Who?" Ron asked. Harry told how your nickname came to be and you watched in amusement at their expression change. "Sit," Hermione told you and moved her books from the bench. You obliged while rolling your sweater sleeve over your arm. "Where were you last night?" Ron asked as he pushed you a plate of one of everything. "Detention," you replied simply. "Detention until four in the morning? Spill!" Harry told you. "Fine! Detention then the hospital wing," you answered. "Merlin help the blighter! What did the greasy haired git do?" He asked. "He helped me out," you explained and showed them your blood stained sleeve. "That doesn't look like HELP," Ron said. You rolled up your left sleeve and they gasped. "It's—it's," Hermione started. "Off," Harry finished. "Wicked!" Ron sighed. You nodded and explained what happened: leaving out the Veritaserum question, you felt that only Harry needed to know that part. "Ouch!" Hermione seethed. You nodded and felt dizzy again. "Elentiya, your arm. It's bleeding again," Harry told you. Sure enough, it was. "No wonder I'm dizzy again," You pulled your sleeve over top of your arm once more. "Is it supposed to do that?" Ron asked as a hole burned through your sleeve. "No!" You said worriedly. You felt a hot pressure on your chest. You pulled out the locket from its hideaway and touched it. It was burning! "That's not supposed to do that either. Aguamenti," you said and splashed the locket with cold water. Once it cooled you took it off and dropped it immediately in front of you.
  10. Visions flashed through your mind the second you took the locket off! You saw Voldemort and his death eaters! "Do the deed or I shall kill you!" Voldemort threatened you. "Go kill yourself why don't you?" You retorted aloud. "Huh?" Harry asked. "Not you, Voldemort," you explained and delved back into your visions. You saw your father murdering your mother once more, but she escaped this time! "Mum," you whispered aloud. "Elentiya, are you alright?" Harry asked. "I'm having a war with my mind!" You told him with a look of madness on your face. "I WILL NOT DO IT, I TELL YOU!" You shouted and gripped the sides of your head. "DO IT OR DIE!" Voldemort's cold voice told you. "I've already ridden myself of the dark mark! I will not do it!" You replied. It seemed as though you were talking to yourself for no one else could hear the voices in your head. "DO IT OR DIE!" He repeated with much more force than before. "Then I'll die! I'd rather die than make it easier for someone else to do so!" You shouted. Hermione and Ron had run off to get McGonnagle while Harry stayed with you. "Calm down. There's no one here to hurt you," he told you in a worried whisper. "Not here to hurt me, but to hurt you! I WILL NOT LET YOU KILL HIM!" You cried. "Who kill who?" Harry asked. "I won't let Voldemort kill you, Harry. No matter how much he tortures me!" You were in tears now. "Professor! Over here!" Harry called to the Gryffindor head. "She's having a fit!" Ron told her. "I WILL NOT DO IT! I'd rather die!" You cried. "Miss ______, Miss ________, calm down. You don't have to do anything," Mcgonnale told you in a comforting whisper. "Watch your back, _______! I will get to you and Potter," you said aloud. It wasn't your voice that came out but Voldemort's! "I won't let you!" You cried in your normal voice. "Miss Granger, go fetch Professor Dumbledore," McGonnagle ordered. "We'll be in the Hospital Wing," she told her. "Of course, Professor," Hermione said and ran off. "Miss ______, come," the transfiguration professor ordered. You whimpered and stood from the table. "Wait, professor," Harry requested as he grabbed your locket. "What is it, Mr. Potter?" "She had this on and when she took it off she went mad!" Ron answered. McGonnagle nodded as Harry cast the impervious spell on the locket. He put it around your neck and clasped it. "I. Said. GET. OUT. OF MY. HEAD! I WILL NOT DO IT!" You cried as the lock clasped. "Thanks, Harry. Sorry if I scared you, I—" you said and fell backwards. Harry and Ron caught your hands before you fell. "Elentiya, are you okay?" Harry asked. You didn't respond, but your arm bled again. "This is more serious than I could have imagined! Pull her up," McGonnagle said. Harry and Ron pulled you back to your feet and supported you to the hospital wing.
  11. "Madame Pomfrey! What's wrong with her?" McGonnagle said immediately after she saw the nurse. "______? I just sent her out not three hours ago! Set her down here," Madame Pomfrey sighed. Harry and Ron supported your barely conscious figure to the nearest bed. You mumbled a thank you and laid down. "May I ask, what in Merlin's name happened?" Madame Pomfrey asked you. "My arm started bleeding and my locket got hot. I took the locket off and I heard 'them' again. If Harry hadn't fixed my locket, I'd 've gone mad," you told her briefly in a strained whisper. "I'll take her from here. Thank you," Madame Pomfrey told your guests. They nodded and left as Madame Pomfrey went to her stores. She came back a moment later with her arms full of bandages, potions, and medicines. She mixed three potions with seven medicines in a cup. It was a pale green afterwards. She instructed you to drink and you did so. It tasted like candy-canes! It was a mixture of blood replenishing potion, strengthening potion, and a touch of Amortenia so it wouldn't taste too bad. Color returned to your face as your blood was regenerated. You thanked the nurse as she tended to your arm. She cleaned it of infentions and wrapped it in a gauze that had been dipped in the mixture that you drank. You fell asleep for a couple of hours and awoke with a start. "I have detention!" You nearly shouted. "Bye, Madame Pomfrey!" You said as you were dismissed.
  12. You ran to the transfiguration classroom and made it by 7:45. "Hi, Professor," you said as you walked in. "Oh, Miss _______! I'm glad you could make it," she answered. "I figured that if I didn't make it today you'd just reschedule my detention," you said as you sat behind Harry. McGonnagle nodded and continued to wait for Filch. The hideous caretaker and his cat entered at exactly 8:00 with a lantern. "Go on then!" Professor McGonnagle ushered you through the door. You followed the hoboish looking caretaker the grounds. You walked in silence until you saw.........Hagrid! 'This detention isn't so bad! Detention with my favorite teacher!' You thought as Filch began to talk. "You'll be serving your detention with Mr. Hagrid tonight, he's got some important buisness to attend to in the Dark Forest," he said with a malicious glint in his dead green eyes. "The Dark Forest?" You asked skeptically. Filch nodded. "That seems to be a bit cintradictory don't you think?" You asked. "How so?" Filch asked. "At the beginning of the year we're told that the Dark Forest is forbidden to 'any and all students.' Which basically means that for breaking a rule our punishment is breaking another rule," you explained. "I just do as I'm told," Filch answered. "But there are.......werewolves!" Draco objected frightfully. "People will be more scared of you then," Ron stood him with a little sass. "Hush up you filthy blood-traitor!" Draco snapped. On instinct you punched him, hard. "Ow!" Draco seethed. "Deal with it! You insult my other friends and I will hurt you!" You told him with a hint of evil in your _____ eyes. "Thanks, Elentiya," Ron said. You were shocked by his use of your nickname and said, "Hey! Only Harry can call me that!" and punched him lightly on his arm. Ron just rolled his ice blue eyes and ran his fingers through his orange hair. "You aren't still on 'bout the bloody dragon are you?" Filch asked as Hagrid dried his eyes. "Norbert's gone! Dumbledore sent him off to Romania to live in a colony," Hagrid said disgustedly. "Isn't that good? He'll be with others like him!" Hermione said. "Yeah but what if he misses me or they're mean to him? He's only a baby!" Hagrid explained. "Isn't it better if he grows up with those experiences rather than being shocked when they happen?" You pointed out. Hagrid nodded as Filch left. "We're lookin' fer summit thas hurtin' the unicorns," Hagrid explained as he led the five of you into the blackness of the forest.
  13. "Isn't THAT unicorn blood?" You asked as you pointed to a puddle of tick, silvery liquid. "Yea," Hagrid answered as he ran his fingers through it. "Now Hermione and Ron; you'll come with me. Harry, Draco, and _______ you'll go the other way," Hagrid instructed. "Fine! Then I get Fang," Draco whined defiantly. You rolled your eyes as Hagrid said the dog was a coward. "Okay, Hagrid. We'll send up sparks if we find something," Harry said and patted his thigh for Fang to come. Hagrid nodded and led Hermione and Ron away. You followed Harry through the Dark Forest giving an occasional "Ow!" whenever Draco would slap you with a branch. The fifth time you finally gave up. You pulled the brach and hit him hard in the back of the head. "What was that for?" He asked as he rubbed his head. "Revenge," you answered simply. Draco scoffed and Harry chuckled. There was a howl and the rustle of leaves. Draco jumped and said that his father would hear about his punishment. "If I didn't know better, Draco, I'd say you where scared!" Harry said the name with hatred and venom. "Me, scared? In your dreams, Potter," Draco retorted. You scoffed and rolled your eyes. "Boys, boys, you're both cool can we move on now?" You joked. Harry and Draco thanked you at the same time. "What is that?" You asked as you heard a slurping noise. "Vampire?" Draco suggested. "Don't be silly, Draco! Vampires don't live in Scotland!" You said in a Professor-like voice. "Could it be that?" Harry asked and pointed to a cloaked figure knelt beside a fallen unicorn. You nodded and Draco ran off screaming with Fang in tow. "Heart of a lion he's got," you whispered as you looked at the figure. "It's a bit frightening but I would never run off," Harry admitted. You nodded and grabbed Harry's hand because the creature spoke. "Sorry," you whispered as you let go. "It's fine," Harry said in a whisper as the creature lifted it's head. "Come join me, _______!" It told you. "No!" You said and crossed your arms stubbornly. "Do it or die!" It said. "Didn't we have this conversation a few hours ago?" You asked stubbornly. "Join me or die PAINFULLY!" The creature was angry now. "I'd rather be killed painfully than live something even more painful!" You told it with a devilish fire in your eyes. The creature swooped down on you and Harry: sending you rearing backwards. Just before the creature was on you it was chased off. A centaur reared in front of you and chased the cloaked figure off. "Thank you," you told the centaur. "It is a terrible thing to kill a unicorn. The blood of a unicorn will keep you alive for much longer than normal. But it is a curse to slay a creature as pure as the unicorn. The very second the blood touches your lips you are to live a half life, a cursed life," the centaur told you. "But who would ever do that?" Harry asked. "Can't you think of anyone?" The centaur asked. "You mean that the thing that slayed the unicorn, that was drinking its blood. That was—," Harry said. "Voldemort?" you asked in unisons. Hagrid showed up a moment later with a loaded crossbow and Ron, Hermione, and Draco. "Evening, Firenze," Hagrid greeted the centaur while lowering the crossbow. "I leave you here, you're in good hands now," Firenze told you. You and Harry nodded as one and waved. "Thanks, Firenze. Didn't know my big mouth could get me in that much trouble," you told the centaur. The centaur noted and trotted off.
  14. Hey what'd ya think? This is THE longest quiz on here I've written, as far as questions. I hope you liked it! Please comment, rate, polls, quizzes, the usuals! Later! Accio results!

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