Your Strange Life at Hogwarts (Part 3)

Thanks to everyone who reads this! Also please comment or rate after taking this quiz so I know what is good and what isn't! Thanks! ~Perfection isn't possible but we can try~

Thanks to everyone who reads this! Also please comment or rate after taking this quiz so I know what is good and what isn't! Thanks! ~Perfection isn't possible but we can try~ ={) #mustached smile

Created by: Pyra Potter

  1. Author's Note: When we left you had met Harry Potter, Ron and Mrs. Weasley, and had a brief encounter with Draco. 'You' had just arrived at Hogwarts when we left off. Although before I start I would like to thank @aadee for commenting on both of my quizzes and reading through the two along with anyone who is reading this. I also want to thank the many GTQ users who's fan fictions I have read. The few I can remember are Vulturmonem, Liz_King97, natuhleegayle, and music386.
  2. "So it's true then? Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts?" The boy asked. There was an instant uproar at the question though you didn't know why. "This is Crabbe and Goyle. And I'm Malfoy. Draco Malfoy." The boy said. Malfoy suddenly began to criticize Ron so you decided to step in. "What do you want 'Malfoy'?" You sneered while air-quoting 'Malfoy.' "My business you filthy mudblood." He replied quite pleased by his answer. "First off that is rude and vile. Secondly, I am a full blown witch! Just as my entire family is!" You lied getting angry again. You honestly didn't know your blood line, growing up with Blackwell limited your magical intelligence. "What did you say your name was again?" Malfoy asked with a flicker of a grin. "I didn't, but it's Blackwell. ______ Blackwell." You replied with an eye roll. "Your a pretty little witch aren't you Blackwell? I think I'm gonna try to figure you out." Malfoy replied with a grin as he circled you. "You evil disgusting person! First I'm a, what was it again, a 'filthy mud blood', but somehow I am now a pretty pureblood?!" You roared. "Pure bloods need to stop being so obsessed with blood line! My best friend-" you were cut short by the arrival of Professor Mcgonagall. She explained the procedures and you all followed in single file out into the Great Hall. You turned to see, to your great relief, Hermione. "Hermione! I didn't think you made it on the train!" You quietly exclaimed. "I almost didn't! I sat in the first compartment I saw and made a couple new enemies." She replied while glaring at a few vile Slytherins mouthing 'mudblood' toward her. You waved her off and told her of your adventures. "That little, evil, disgusting........... cockroach!" She exclaimed as I finished the reciting of my story. "Thanks for sticking up for me by the way." Hermione said a little embarrassed. "Hey, just because your muggle-born doesn't mean you can't be the greatest witch, and friend, of your age." With that the sorting began.
  3. After seeing everyone sorted; Harry, Ron, and Hermione to Gryffindor, Malfoy to Slytherin and a few people to Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, you were called to the sorting hat. "Hmmm, you are not average Miss, I see talent, bravery, loyalty, cleverness, and a thirst to prove yourself. If there was a house for those who fit well into each house, you would be the only one there, miss." The sorting hat joked. You laughed, waiting for the Sorting Hat's final decision. "Hmm, I'll have to say............. Slytherin!!" You gasped in horror. "Wait! No! You belong in GRYFFINDOR! You sighed in relief and smiled as the Gryffindor table burst into cheers. You went to sit by Hermione, but she strangely wasn't there. So instead you sat by Harry and Ron.
  4. As soon as you sat down someone tapped your shoulder. You whipped around in surprise to see Hermione. "What's up?" You ask skeptically. She gestured toward the door. You followed her into the Entrance Hall, a little afraid. "Yeah?" You asked concerned. "I, um, I just thought you might like to know that um," Hermione seemed to be upset, nervous, and strangely struggling for the right words. "Hermione, what is it? The last time you acted like this it was to tell me that my house burned down," you said nervously. She chuckled, "It's not that bad, but your cousin sort of sent you like six Howlers." You ran into the Great Hall, "This should be interesting!" You smiled while grabbing one. Harry and Ron seemed inquisitive by your excitement for a Howler. You wrentched the blood red envelope open, "______ BLACKWELL!!!!!! HOW DARE YOU BE SO RUDE UPON YOUR DEPARTURE?!?! YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN I AM ALLERGIC OATMEAL SO HOW DARE YOU COOK IT?!?!?!? WHEN YOU GET HOME EXPECT YOUR PHONE TO BE CONFISCATED AND TO SLEEP IN THE BASEMENT ALL SUMMER!!!!!!!" It shouted in Blackwell's deep and unruly voice. You laughed and decided to have some fun. "JONATHAN BLACKWELL, HOW DARE YOU BE SUCH A GIT FOR AS LONG AS I REMEMBER?!?!?! YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE FED ME FOOD THAT I WAS DEADLY ALLERGIC TO FOR TWO YEARS!!!!!!! UPON MY RETURN EXPECT TO HAVE MANY PRANKS INVOLVING BEING LOCKED IN THE BASEMENT WITH MANY OF YOUR GREATEST FEARS!!!!!" You shouted falling off your chair from laughing. The entire hall erupted with laughter, cheers, and applause. Five more Howlers came more pathetic than the first. And you kept shouting back at them, when you weren't stuffing your face with chicken, apples, pudding, and of course PIE. Everyone just stared after the sixth Howler which stated you sneaking off to Hogwarts without his permission, you decided not to yell at it again but said plainly for everyone to hear, "He's been trying to send me to a boarding school for six years." Ron turned to you in disbelief, "I don't know which is more unbelievable the fact that you out-howled a Howler or that you were looking forward to opening the Howler." "I have to yell at my cousin a lot and he grounds me for a week just for saying 'hi', according to him it shows disrespect so forces me to say 'hello', so I knew the Howler would also be pathetic." Harry turned to me with a look of disgust, ''Did he really feed you food you were allergic to for two years, and he made a fit over a small bowl of oatmeal?" "Unfortunately he did it longer, every night he made something I was severely allergic to just because I wouldn't cook for him. As for the oatmeal, all it would've done to him was given him the sniffles, and according to him it was an 'attempted murder' although most nights I ordered food from various restaurants and ate with my best friend." I said sheepishly. "And I thought the Dursley's were bad." Harry whispered.
  5. You had to return to your common rooms after the feast. You quickly rushed to the Gryffindor Common Room and shouted at The Fat Lady, "Caput Draconis" the portrait swung forward with an eerie creek. When you walked in you found many people shouting and laughing at red letters. "Hey I started the era of Holwer laughers! So I'm going to assume that those aren't Howlers considering the whole of Gryffindor Tower couldn't have possibly gotten that many Howlers," you laughed. "No, we're not that much trouble. I can't believe what you did in there! I'm surprised you weren't totally embarrassed." A familiar red-headed boy in his third year stated with a chuckle. "I'm George by the way, and this is Fred." George introduced gesturing towards his twin. "Oh! I thought you looked familiar, I saw you at King's Cross, it's amazing that muggles don't notice two boys disappearing through a brick wall! Anyway, I'm _____ Blackwell. Who's that? Over there?" You said. "That's Tatyana Fitzel, people call her the Fizzled Fitzel. I don't blame them," Ron stated from beside his brothers. You slapped Ron on the arm, "FYI people used to say I was as dark as a well because my name is Blackwell," you said with a grimace. You turned on your heel and walked toward Tatyana. "Hello there," you said with a what's-up kind of voice. "Hello. Aren't you going to make fun of me like everyone else?" She replied sadly. "What-no, of course not. Why would people make fun of you anyway?" "Because of my name, Tatyana Fitzle, sounds like 'talk and I'll fizzle' and because of my awful grades." "First off Tatyana, those people are huge jerks, and as for the grades, I could help, if you want." Tatyana suddenly lit up like the sun, "I'd love that! Thank you! Although, could we study by the Black Lake, water helps me think." "Absolutely, so how about, every other Saturday?" Tatyana nodded and you left to go see your other friends.
  6. You soon decided to go up to bed. You dreamt of your parents. You heard them say sorry as they placed you at the foot of Blackwell's door. They turned leave, your blond mother kissed you on your forehead and your father screamed. You awoke at the sound and bolted downstairs, forgetting everything other than the scream, only bothering to grab your wand. "What-who screamed?" You asked looking around the common room. "No one screamed, ________, are you okay?" Harry asked concerned. "I'm alright, just concerned about whoever screamed," you panted sitting next to Harry. "________, I just told you, no one screamed!" You were relieved and sat down beside Harry. "Have I missed breakfast?" You asked. Harry shook his head and you headed out of the portrait hole. You sat beside Ron since Hermione was, once again, not to be seen. You checked your phone again to check for a signal. "Ron?" You asked. He turned towards you. "Um, do cell phones work at Hogwarts?" "A what?" Ron asked bewildered. "A cell phone. A, um, faster version of owls that you carry in your pocket, it's a muggle thing." You said noticing he was clueless. "Muggle stuff. I wouldn't know." Ron stated miserably. You nodded and took some toast from the silver plate. You munched and munched until you had eaten six pieces of cinnamon toast and jelly toast. You stood up, planning to go find Hermione, when Harry came and sat as the post arrived.
  7. "Harry! What took you so long?" You asked. He just shook his head and asked Ron for the newspaper his owl had dropped off to him. You finished your breakfast and stood once again. "See you in class." You told the two. You headed straight to Transfiguration content on not being late. You sat next to Hermione who seemed to have been ignoring you. "Hey, Hermione. What's up? Haven't seen you lately?" You told her feeling hurt. "Hey, ________. Nothin much a little this. A little that. You? And sorry, I've been.....busy." Hermione replied. "Nothin much either? But how could you be busy and be doing 'nothin much'?" You asked. "Tell you later, Mcgonnagle." Hermione pointed towards the door. You rolled your eyes, upset and wondering if Hermione was ignoring you. Professor Mcgonnagle wrote steps for a spell on the chalk board for the class to copy down. As the quills began to scratch Ron and Harry ran in relieved that Mcgonnagle 'wasn't there.' "Oh good we made it! Could you imagine the look on Mcgonnagle's face if we were late?" Ron asked Harry. The grey cat on the Professor's desk leaped and became Proffessor Mcgonnagle. Both Harry and Ron were scolded and embarrassed by Professor Mcgonnagle. You poked Harry with your wand and handed him a small slip of paper. He took it and read; 'Sorry, should've showed you where to go =('. Harry wrote on the back; 'It's not your fault. The stairs kept moving. =|'. You nodded and hid the note in your bag. You looked at Hermione who gave you her classic eye-roll.
  8. After Transfiguration you headed to potions, were things just got worse. First you were not allowed to use magic and Harry got into trouble for taking notes. "Clearly fame isn't everything." Shape sneered at Harry. "Clearly Hermione knows! Seems a pity not to ask her!" Harry retaliated. Snake looked taken aback. You raised your hand. "Yes, Miss Blackwell?" Snape questioned pathetically. "Um, my apologies Professor, but Harry was actually taking notes," you sheepishly told the Professor. Snape looked confused so you continued. "Sorry, sir, but Harry was taking notes on what you said you could teach. He was noting what he could accomplish if he worked hard enough," you defied more courageously. Harry nodded and Snape explained the answers to the questions he had asked. The room was filled with the scratching of quills as Harry handed you a note. You placed it in the pages of your journal so no one could see. It read; 'You really didn't have to do that. Now he'll be after us both!' You wrote back; 'Harry, he was being unfair I did have to. And if he starts hounding me for no reason he's got a lot more 'cheek' coming.' You passed the note back. He smiled and nodded returning to his potion. After class you were all dismissed. Snape had dropped something, trying to get on his good side, you decided to return it. "Um, Professor?" You asked. He looked at you with disgust. "Just wanted to let you know that you had dropped your Asphodel," you stated placing the bottle on his desk. "Thank you Miss Blackwell, it just happens that this is the ingredient I need next," He stated holding the bottled green liquid. "Um, Professor? What potion are you brewing? It seems complicated." You inquired. "That might be because it is Miss Blackwell. This potion is being brewed on Dumbledore's orders and it is a potion that allows you to walk through fire unscathed. Five points to Gryffindor for your responsibility in returning this to me and another five points for your curiosity." Snape replied. "Thank you Professor! I have to get to lunch now. I'll see you tomorrow." You waved and left.
  9. "Harry!" You shouted as you rushed to the Gryffindor Table. "What, ______?" He asked. "Guess who just got ten points from Snape?" "What-How?" He asked astonished. You sat down beside Hermione who for once was present. "I just brought his Asphodel back to him and asked about his potion. I got five points for curiosity and five for responsibility." You relived staring at the ceiling. "Hermione, isn't there something you said you would tell me later? It's later." You inquired turning to Hermione. "Yeah, sorry, but I've been studying." Hermione said hopefully. "It's only our first day with classes and this is the third or fifth time I've seen you since the train!" You accused. "I was studying, but who said it was for school?!" She shouted. "Okay Hermione, just seems like you've been ignoring me." You said ashamed. "Oh, mail's here!" Ron shouted.
  10. "Can I borrow this?" Harry inquired. Ron nodded. "Look at this! Someone broke into Gringotts. 'Believed to be the work of dark witches or wizards unknown. Gringotts goblins insist nothing was taken. The vault in question, number 713, had in fact been emptied earlier that same day' that's odd. That's the vault Hagrid and I went to." Harry read aloud. "That is odd. Did Hagrid say what it was?" You asked, knowing it was a ridiculous question. "He said it was Hogwart's business, very secret." Harry recited.

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