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  • Ann's right. It's McGonagall.

    And about the quiz, it was really nice, especially the Howler part!

    I know I'm taking the quizzes after so many days, but I have my exams going on and I'm a bit busy, but I'm trying to take them as soon as I can.

  • Pyra, it's McGonagall,this is getting better and better. And why are you making Hermione not talk to me???!!!

  • Wow! Again, amazing quiz Pyra. Just a little criticism, I think you spell it as McGonagall. Excited to take more!

  • It's alright! Thanks

    Pyra Potter
  • Thanks! Yeah, I can never spell her name right. Mcgonagle? Is that right? I'll look it up later

    Pyra Potter

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