How Well Do You Know Me?

I decided to see how many of you out there really think you know me. In all actuality, some of you on my friends know bits and pieces about me. I wanna see who my few friends really are. And god be with you if you score 100%. Its got some questions about me physically, and a few about my family, some where I came from, and about things that anyone who knew me these last 7 yrs or so should be able to guess.

So do you really know me? Take my quiz and find out.. remember I'll be able to tell what you scored. If you dont get 100% I'm not going to hate you, eh.. it's probably half my fault for not tellin you everything about me.. so good luck!

Created by: Erica R. Galus

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  1. When is my birthday?
  2. How many brothers do I have?
  3. Where was I born?
  4. What type of truck did I drive in high school?
  5. What have I always wanted to be growing up?
  6. What's my dad's name?
  7. How old is my only sister?
  8. What's my favorite color?
  9. What color are my eyes?
  10. How many tatoo's do I have?
  11. Is my tongue peirced?
  12. My hometown resides were?
  13. What is my dream vehicle?
  14. What high school did I spend the most yrs at? And did I recieve a diploma?
  15. What's my biggest pet peeve?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Me?