Do you know Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget is a rather popular TV series aired in 1985, then again in 2015. It is about a bio-mechanical man who goes about fighting crime. Do you know much about him?

If you find yourself yelling "Go, Go Gadget Arms" every time you reach for the salt, you are at the right quiz. Test your knowledge on this wonderful cartoon. This message will self destruct.

Created by: #6 Inspector Gadget Fan

  1. Who is Inspector Gadgets Enemy
  2. Who is the new character in 2015 Inspector Gadget
  3. What is the Inspectors car
  4. Inspector Gadgets home town
  5. What does the Inspector wear
  6. Does Gadget hand back self destruct messages
  7. Gadgets boss
  8. Who foils M.A.D's plans
  9. The Inspector has a
  10. How many forms of IG are out there(that I know of)

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Quiz topic: Do I know Inspector Gadget