Penny and Talon from inspector gadget 2015

Penny and Talon are characters from inspector gadget 2015! Want to see how well you know them? Well, go here and take this quiz!Come see if you are a Talon/Penny expert!

If you have seen the show, or are curious about the show, please take this quiz! Come and see how many you can get right! If you get a bad score.. take it again!

Created by: Kayla

  1. Is Talon good or evil?
  2. what is Talon and Penny's favorite Icecream flavor?
  3. In the episode 'Ticked off' What does Talon call himself?
  4. What hair gel does Talon use?
  5. What does Talon overhear Penny say about him?
  6. Around how old are Penny and Talon?
  7. Do Talon and Penny have crushes on each other?
  8. In the episode 'Game over Man' what does Talon pretend to be?
  9. In the episode 'Game over Man' what does Talon pretend to be?
  10. who is Penny's uncle?
  11. Who does Penny make friend with from Evil U?
  12. Who is Penny's Favorite Rock Star?
  13. What is Penny allergic to?
  14. What does Talon call Penny in the first few episodes?
  15. What is the one 11 minute episode that Talon is not in?
  16. Is what netflix calls season 2 really season 2?
  17. Have Penny and Talon ever kissed?

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