how well do you know xmen

there are many fans of x-men in this world but this quiz will separate the wannabes from the truth seekers. whether you like prada or mutants will all be determined!!

do you love the x-men?? d you know everything about them??!! or do you just THINK you do?? well, you are about to find out. this quiz will determine if you really are x-men savvy!!!

Created by: Stephanie

  1. which character can shoot lasers from their eyes?
  2. what device is used to find mutants?
  3. what metal is wolverine's bones made from?
  4. what is the name of the school where young xmen train?
  5. who plays storm in the xmen movies
  6. which character can self heal?
  7. what is cyclop's real name
  8. describe professor x and magneto's relationship when they were young.
  9. what is one of the love triangles in all xmen movies?
  10. did you enjoy this quiz? please put the name of your favorite character in the comment box!!

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Quiz topic: How well do I know xmen