what xmen mutant are you

some people are very much of fighter.some people are cool.this is a great quiz.take it and see COOL GREAT PEOPLE HOW ARE YOU hi how are you doing stuff money car cat at the when the cow jump over the cow with milk and honey and the boo bear called me to call in to work.

How are you? I'm doing very well thank you. My mom took me to the mall to get new shoes. She told I could get any pair I wanted. I was very happy to hear that so I jump up for joy and a

Created by: darren
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  3. what is you favorite coler
  4. what word appeals to you the most
  5. are you smart
  6. are you a fighter
  7. what element apeals to the most
  8. hero or villan
  9. what would you do with powers
  10. how are you

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Quiz topic: What xmen mutant am I