What DareToGame.com Race are you?

DareToGame.com is a world where 5 different races live. They each have different historical backgrounds, but also have specific characteristics that make them very different from one another.

What class do you think you'd be most representative of? Human, Mutant, Shade, Cyborg, Psyclops... the choice is yours, but who do you really represent? Take this test and you'll know!

Created by: Dash
  1. Out of these colors, which is your most favorite?
  2. What do you usually prefer in a game?
  3. Someone tries to mug you in a dark alley. You:
  4. You mostly listen to:
  5. What kind of sport are you most likely to play:
  6. What's your favorite candy?
  7. What's your favorite accessory out of these:
  8. Going out, you're most likely to be found at:
  9. If you could have superpowers, it would mainly be:
  10. Most people consider you as:

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Quiz topic: What DareToGame.com Race am I?