Welcome to Mutant High

I'm writting a story about a mutant girl Ember, who lives in Xaviers school for gifted youngsters. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm talking about x-men.

So i hope you find this interesting. Thanks man/girl/person... yeah...It says this can't be repetitive or gibbereish and I say LIFE is competitive and gibberish!

Created by: bananabread
  1. Cold and pain. They both engulfed me in a powerful coccon of darkness. I'm going to die, is the only thought running through my head. I'm too young to die, too young to know what's happening to me. A voice. It creates a tunnel of light in the darkness. "I'm Charles Xavier, and I'm here to help you,"
  2. *Flash-forward 6 years* I lay in bed tracing circles on the sheet with my pointer finger. My roommate Katey slept soundly while I stayed awake like every might since I first came here.
  3. Usually I lay in bed,on gaurd, not trusting myself until the sky outside would turn from black to grey. But tonight felt different, something was happening. I kicked off my blankets and headed to the kitchen.
  4. Once I reach the kitchen I grab an almost finished cookies and cream and sit at the island. It's not until I have a mouth full of ice cream do I realize that I'm not alone.
  5. "Hey Ember can't sleeep?" John asks me while holding onto his own empty bowl. "I never do. How 'bout you?" I respond after swallowing. "I don't know. I guess I have too many thoughts in my head," He raised his eyebrows quickly before putting his bowl away.
  6. There's always been something between me and John. I never know if it's because we actually like each other or because we have a similar mutation.
  7. Once I finish John asks to walk me to my room. He flips his lighter on and off while we walk, I think it might be a nervous but I can't really tell. He continues with this habit for quite a while that I put my hand on his to stop him. He quickly looks at me and asks "Would you like to do me the honor then?"
  8. I hold my palm up and slowly a little ball of flame stands off of my hand. I only let it last for a second before letting it spread to my whole hand. We stood in silence and I noticed my breath had quickened.
  9. John leaned in closer and grasped my open hand while looking at it. "There's no need to fear it," He whispered. I hid my face as well as I could with my short hair. "I can't help it," I whispered almost as quietly as him. "But why?" His question was the one people have asked me many time but I've never answered. "Goodnight John," was all I could say in return before I walked around the corner and into my room.
  10. I lay on my bed and try to block out the images that have been haunting me for six years. Even though the sky was starting to lighten I couldn't let myself fall asleep. Not letting myself destroy another life.

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